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PhD Program


     1. Accounting

     2. Business administration

           • Operations & Production Management

           • Organizational behavior

           • Marketing

           • Financial management

      3. Political science

      4. Economics

      5. Insurance


The graduate student must carry a master’s degree in the same specialized field from one of the Egyptian commerce faculties or any equivalent degree from any other institutes recognized by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.

Important notes when applying to Commerce PhD at AUN:

1-An 18 credited hours study in the chosen department are determined by the proposal of the supervising committees, the accreditation of postgraduate Studies and Research Committee, and confirmation from the faculty’s Council.

2- After completing the study of 12 credit hours, you have to prepare for scientific research (Thesis) which well be counted as 30 credited hour in subject accepted by the relevant department council, the postgraduate studies, and the research committee and the college council.

3- You can not apply to discuss the thesis before successfully passing all the courses with an average of no less than 3.0 and you may repeat some courses or study other courses to improve your rate

4- TOEFL certificate is a must

5- You have to pass the entire qualifying exam within a period of no more than one year from the beginning of the enrollment for this exam.

6- The supervisor (the supervising committee) determines the field of your research then it gets approved by;

  • The relevant department council.
  • The faculty's postgraduate studies and the research committee.

Then you submit a message with the results of the research which should form a new addition to the specialized field

7- The faculty’s Council gives its approval on the formed committee of examiners for the comprehensive qualifying exam for the Ph.D. based on the approval of the relevant.

8- Your thesis should be accepted from the Judging committee to obtain your PhD.

9- The department council, the accreditation of the faculty’s postgraduate Studies, and Research Committee are the ones who set up the comprehensive qualifying exam

10- The PhD Student is allowed to publish two scientific papers about their thesis and Can present them in a specialized magazine or in the specialized conference.


For more information about postgraduate studies please check our postgraduate programs handbook