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Responsibilities and Support

Responsibilities and Support 

  1. Preparing lists of names and data of graduates, and sending them to the Egyptian Medicine sub-syndicate in Assiut and headquarter in Cairo.
  2. Preparing lists of names and data of graduates and sending them to the university administration and editing the original graduation certificates for June graduates and November graduates from all departments.
  3. Preparing lists of names and data of recent graduates for the issuance of the ministerial decision of the university president.
  4. Extracting a statement for the curriculum studied during the Seven years.
  5. Issuing temporary graduation certificates in Arabic and English for old and new graduates.
  6. Procedures for approving temporary and original certificates.

We help our former students through:

  1. Cooperating with companies wishing to provide job opportunities for graduates.
  2. Establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Assiut University and its alumni.
  3. Announcing the various opportunities offered by the college or companies to the faculty’s graduates.
  • Distinguished graduates capable of innovation and competition in the labor market.
  •  Development of graduate studies and research capacity of the University.

For more details about the Alumni department, please download this PDF