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Department of Histology

This department aims to attain a regional pioneer ranking as a center of excellence in education, scientific research, and community service.

Histology and Cell Biology department in the faculty of Medicine, Assiut university integrates with other basic departments to provide microscopic descriptive information related to the structure of the function of cells, tissues and organs for undergraduate students within the fields of medicine.

The department establishes a scientific background in histology and cell biology which enables postgraduate students to implement their knowledge and skills in future profession and in conducting scientific researches for solving the community problems.

The department provides excellent educational programs and checks the outputs of learning and is committed to:   

  • Preparing the medical students to understand the basis of cell biology and functional ultra-structure.
  • Preparing the medical students to understand the basic histological structure of different body tissues, organs and systems.
  • Enabling the medical students to correlate between the histological structure and function of various tissues and organs.
  • Promoting scientific research in ethical framework and develop the postgraduate students to follow the updating in the science of histology and cell biology.