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Postgraduate Student Survey

Postgraduate student survey

Fellow graduate student, this questionnaire was designed to identify the different aspects of services that are performed well and those services that need improvement. It is from the results of this questionnaire that the quality of services will be improved. * First: Your opinions will be taken into account, knowing that we maintain privacy. Please do your best to fill out this questionnaire honestly and objectively. Second: - This questionnaire applies to the program as a whole, with a focus on the specialization course, and in the event that there are opinions about sub-courses, they can be written in the free opinions.


Now you can fill out this questionnaire via the electronic link, in response to your opinions

 Post Graduate Questionnaire Online

Note: After completing the questionnaire, please click on Continue and then Submit

In the event of any inquiries related to filling out this questionnaire, please refer to one of the graduate studies team at the Quality Assurance Unit Tel: 088/2413683