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Projects management unit

Projects management unit

Unit’s Vision

To reach an excellent level in research, application and specificity projects, as to achieve self-resources for the faculty, to serve civil community locally and regionally and to be the center of development for the faculty and its hospitals.

Unit’s Mission

To spread idea of doing local and international projects in educational field, scientific research and community services. This for increasing mutual funded projects, in order to increase self-resources, through developing and supporting staff members and their cooperators.

Unit’s services

  1. Announcing and refer to donning projects authorities.
  2. To help and revise projects that are provided by donning authorities.
  3. To evaluate current projects.
  4. To execute an arithmetic unit following projects management unit, as to help in financial issues of faculty’s projects.
  5. To complete projects continuity with foreigner rates.
  6. To supervise on United States medical licensing examination (USMLE) courses.
  7. To settle a cooperative protocol with specialized training centers in (USMLE).
  8. To register foreign students who want to take (USMLE) exam on (ECFMG) web-site.
  9. To register students on (ERAS) web-site, after finishing the exam, as to apply for delegations at United States.

Achieved projects

  • Accredited labs’ projects

Prof. Dr. Ragaa abd el Maboud

Clinical toxicology and medicinal chemistry laboratory project

Prof.Dr. Hala Mohamed Fathy

Forensic DNA lab project

Prof. Dr. Tahya Hashem

Development of unit of metabolic disorders and genetic diseases

Prof. Dr. Hanan Glal

Hermonal lab

Prof. DR. Maha Atwa

 Serological tests lab

Prof. Dr. Wafaa El-Tohamy

Immune system diseases diagnose lab

Prof. Dr. Sahar el Gamal

Anemia lab

Prof. Dr. Ola Afifi

Hemorrhage and thrombosis lab

Prof. Dr. Etmad Helmy

Surgical pathology lab

Prof. Dr, Asmaa Nfady

Cellular flow lab

  • Educational projects (excellence)

Executive project manager

Project’s name

Prof. Dr. Heba Mohamed saad

Center of educational excellence in medical education

Prof. Dr. Enas Abd el Mageed

Center of research excellence in medical education

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Makhlouf

Special center for assuring quality of health services at Assiut University hospitals

  • Student’s projects

Executive project manager

Project’s name

Dr. Heba Attia Eissa

Medical students skills development at upper Egypt universities

Dr. Mohamed Mkboul

Interactive education projects

Dr. Ayman Khairy

Information booth projects

  • Research projects

Executive project manager

Project’s name

Dr. Ihab Fawzy

Non-invasive diagnosis of the degree of hepatic fibrosis in hepatitis

Dr. Essam Eldeen Rashad

Un surgical diagnose of endometriosis\ combining clinical factors

Dr. Sahar ElDeek

Genotypes for either the enzyme lysil or glutathione transporter xidazoalamate type M, B

Dr. Shereen Ahmed Abdelrhman

Molecular mechanisms of fluoroquinolone resistance in Irritable Bowel Syndrome