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Measurement and evaluation unit

Measurement and evaluation unit

Unit’s Vision

Measurement and evaluation unit, Assiut University, is seeking to reach a local pioneer advanced regionally level, in order to achieve continuous excellence in measurement and evaluation system.

 Unit’s Mission

Unit of measurement and evaluation, faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, is obligated with continuous development for system of measurement and evaluation according to objectivity and contemporary guidelines. It vows to apply on-line exams, build question banks and exams mechanization.

Unit’s Goals

  1. To follow and develop exams systems at the faculty, as to implement electronic exams and generalize electronic correction.
  2. To execute courses and training programs in system of measurement and evaluation.
  3. To do trainings on exams electronic correction.
  4. To train staff members on using latest technologies in the field of measurement and evaluation.
  5. To increase training awareness importance and its role in achieving professional development for staff members educationally and training in the field of measurement and evaluation.
  6. To achieve facility and speed of designing exams that used in student’s evaluation.
  7. To do variation in measuring of student’s abilities and skills.
  8. To develop exams, that will contribute in evaluating of all needed learning required results as to teach course’s content.
  9. To do question banks.
  10. To achieve speed, accuracy and transparency of exams, as to control educational workflow.
  11. To evaluate exam papers.
  12. To analyze exams results and do reports about it.


  1. Portfolio elements
  2. Designing electronic portfolio
  3. Training on electronic exams