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Our PhD program gives you a broad background in Medicine by offering an intense study and research experience in your chosen specialized area. Our PhD program will deepen your research capabilities as well as add lots of knowledge to your specializations by conducting theoretical and applied scientific research and presenting it in an integrated scientific message. 

If you are looking forward to enroll in our PhD program, please download our guide


The graduate student must carry a master’s degree in the same specialized field from one of the Egyptian Medicine faculties or any equivalent degree from any other institutes recognized by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.


Students can apply January or September;

  • Students enrolled in January start studying in February and October and exams begin in June and February.
  • Students enrolled in September start studying in October and February and exams in February and June.

The student must successfully complete the comprehensive qualifying exam for the PhD degree.

  • Two years at least from the point of registration.

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