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Master Degree

Master's Degree

We acknowledge the importance of postgraduate studies and research in Medicine not only to enhance career prospects that can be gained by taking a Master in Medicine, but also to develop valuable personal skills and fulfill an essential prerequisite to PhD study. This study aims to develop your academic capabilities and development in the specialization and the fields you chose, by using modern techniques and scientific methods through studying a number of advanced academic courses and carrying out applied research.

Here you can find all the details regarding the Master’s degree


Bachelor’s degree with at least ‘Good’ GPA in the specialized field from one of the Egyptian Medicine faculty or any equivalent degree from any other institute recognized by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.

The student’s registration may be accepted with less than Good GPA in case he scores ‘Good’ in the Postgraduate diplomas from one of the Egyptian Medicine faculties recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities.


The duration of the study is not less than two years; one from the date of enrollment and a year from the date of registration of the research subject.

Course description

Specifications of the exam paper