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Information Technology Unit

Information Technology Unit

About the Unit

Technology services unit, is considered in technology information systems development projects, that follows ministry of higher education (ICTP). This unit is considered linking point between systems and technology information projects at university and faculty, in order to increase effectiveness of those projects and providing special services in this field.


The faculty is seeking to reach pioneer regionally in medical learning and achieve international competition in field of scientific application research that targets to serve community.


Faculty of medicine, Assiut University, is obligated with providing an excellent level in medical learning and training, as to prepare qualified doctors who will be capable of medical practice and learning. To compete locally and regionally. To promote scientific research. To provide medical services in the along of university values and traditions.

Unit’s goals

  1. To reach accreditation, through achieving institutional capacity guidelines for the faculty.
  2. To reach academic accreditation guidelines for students and post-graduates programs offered from the faculty.
  3. To provide wireless network with open areas in the faculty, as to be available for students and staff members.
  4. To achieve academic accreditation guidelines for chances and education and learning sources offered from the faculty for students and post-graduates.
  5. To provide special learning programs for excellent students, to achieve high learning results and to provide pioneer model along local and regional level.
  6. Continuous development for special cadres from staff members through providing them academic environment that encourages production, innovation and continuous development for scientific research system (Balance programs) in basic medical fields and clinical ones.

Unit’s activities

  • Dr. Hassan Al-Khyat (Unit’s manager) held a meeting with specialized engineers in faculty’s web-sites and university hospitals in center of information networks in the university, in order to discuss work mechanisms and how to reach mentioned web-sites representatives, as to up-load news periodically.
  • Up-load all files related to quality control unit in the faculty (research and strategically plans- reports and courses of bachelorette and post-graduate programs) on faculty’s web-site.
  • To up-date administrative hierarchy (Faculty’s dean and vice deans) for the faculty on the web-site.
  • To start working on plan of shifting all operating systems for all computers at the faculty and university hospitals to original copy in cooperation with center of information technology at the university and unit of projects management at the ministry of higher education.
  • To up-load medical convoys prepared by the faculty and its reports on the faculty’s web-site.
  • To start on up-loading data of infection control at hospital’s main web-site.

Unit’s achievements

  • To orientation workshops about question banks in technology services unit.
  • To do a chart for internal network of the faculty.
  • To publish faculty’s news in Arabic language on faculty’s web-site, with rate of 50 news monthly. To publish 2 news on the web-site in English language for the faculty weekly with rate of 8 news monthly.
  • To do workshop on how to activate electronic course.
  • To do and implement training plan that targets to train 100% of faculty’s employees on the basic track in coordination with faculty’s administration and training project on information technology in the university.
  • To follow construction and preparation of controls, including preparation of second round exams for academic year 203-2014.
  • To measure satisfaction profiteers level on network performance (Faculty’s dean- deputies- departments’ managers- post graduate manager- manager of students’ affairs- financial manager- faculty’s manager).
  • To add new 10 points that includes available abilities and in coordination with main university project.
  • To activate faculty’s page on social media like: Facebook- Twitter in both language Arabic and English, by adding posts for all published events.
  • To do orientation and training workshops for staff members and cooperators on how to use electronic library in coordination with electronic library project at the university.
  • To up-date post-graduates data base on MIS.
  • To do a You-tube channel, that presents educational videos and scientific practical, by reserving all content intellectual property rights.
  • To activate academic e-mail and to make sure of delivering new e-mails to the students.

Unit’s services

Raising network infrastructure project

  1. To be linking point between the faculty from a side and internet network center in the university from other side.
  2. To supervise on installing all access point. To provide all technical and administrative facilities, with the help of faculty potentials.
  3. To work on regulating network performance at the faculty. To develop and suggest needed polices, as to assure performance’s continuity.
  4. To execute network administration rules, which are related to the faculty in coordination with university polices, represented in network center from a side and the faculty from other side.
  5. To register all data of students (first- second- third) years. To operate and follow them up after registering and to remove any obstacles.
  6. To receive administrations, departments and special labs order at the faculty. To receive all statements and defects and to be rapidly fixed in case of main defect with the help of information technology at the university.
  7. To provide technical support for staff members and students even in computer library or computer lab or administrative departments related to the network.
  8. To receive all departments and administrative requests on connecting internet points at the faculty.
  9. To provide technical helps through distributing (CD) among all administrations, departments and special labs at the faculty received from information network at the university.

Contact Us


Phone number: 1873- 088\241