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Research funding unit

Research funding unit

Unit’s regulation

Special unit under a direct supervision from Dr.\ University president.

Unit’s role:

To manage research re-sources of faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, in transparency and fair rivalry.

Applying Rules

  1. The researcher should be one of staff members at Assiut University.
  2. The researcher’s department should have research accredit plans from university administration.
  3. Offered research should have department council approval, ethical committee and research committee.
  4. Researcher may start in having ethical committee and faculty’s approval and other approvals may be taken later.
  5. Staff member should not apply for more than one research project per year.

Mechanisms that staff member should follow to apply for research funding:

  1. For those who want to apply from Staff members or Post-graduate students (by knowledge of supervisor), to take fund for a scientific research at the faculty, should apply research project’s concept in an abstract (Concept paper) not less than one page or more than 3 pages. This paper will be revised by one of staff consultant committees of the unit during 3 weeks. If the concept is accepted main researcher will apply research project according to unit’s rules.
  2. Concept paper should include the following:
  • Research question and how to do summarized research.
  • Scientific importance and application to research which includes:
  1. Feasibility
  2. Interests and trials with research
  3. News in research compared with other researches
  4. Research relation and expected results to scientific applications or clinical services “Relevancy”
  • In case the concept is accepted, researcher has to apply research project to the unit according to attached form.
  • Research project must be sent to 3 experienced staff members, in addition to external member and member from the specialization, in order to take the fund.
  • Unit’s administrative council will do meetings periodically, as to issue funding resolution for researches that has highest grade among applied researches.
  • Researcher who took the fund for the project, will sign a contract obliging him\her to apply an audit about what has been done along 6 months in the project.
  • Staff member should not apply for more than one project per year.
  • Applying forms may be checked through faculty’s web-site “Grants office” or directly from secretary office at quality assurance office (till the end of unit’s office preparations).

Projects of research funding for year 2008-2009:

  1. Funding 20 small research projects (not more than 10 thousands L.E)
  2. Funding 8 average research projects (not more than 50 thousands L.E)
  3. Funding 5 big research projects (not more than 100 thousands L.E)

Initial applying form

Contact US

Faculty of Medicine. Assiut University, fifth floor

Telephone number: 2411872