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Department of Biochemistry


In July 1961, three professional professors decided to establish the department of Biochemistry: prof. Mohamad Adbul-Rahman (Dean of the faculty), Prof. Mohamad Khalil Salah, and Prof. Ismail Hamady. Their main aim was to gift the field of biochemistry with highly qualified graduates who can contribute to it, such as Prof. Ahmed Shawky, who proposed the first PhD to the Biochemistry Department.

Dr. Shawky helped in establishing the Department of Biochemistry; in addition to, supplying it with all the needed equipment, chemicals and machines. It is worth mentioning the remarkable efforts of Prof. Mohamad Khalil Salah. According to global Biochemistry Journals, he was the first to study vitamin (A) and divide it into (A1) and (A2). Finally, Prof. Ismail Hamady, who initiated and supervised the first medical survey in a medical convoy that included a few dozen of doctors and students and continued for 3 days. It was the first convoy to serve and develop the community in Swailam village, Tahta region, Sohag government.


The Department of Biochemistry seeks to be a center of excellence not only in AUN, but also in Upper Egypt and in the Arab Republic of Egypt, relying on what it offers in the field of medical biochemistry education, molecular biology and nutrition. Nevertheless, the department obtains multiple contributions to scientific research and public service through its contribution to the unit of metabolism and genetic diseases Medical Research Center in the faculty of Medicine.


In agreement with the mission of the faculty of Medicine at Assuit University, the department of Biochemistry is committed to provide distinguished education in medical biochemistry, molecular biology and nutrition for medical students. Moreover, encouraging and ensuring the production of high-quality scientific research with international laboratories and a prestigious global reputation. Finally, we guarantee graduating competent doctors, armed with science, skills and values.