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N/A - 043409
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M.D. In Medicine (Neurology) , Faculty of Medicine Assiut University , 2002

Professor Faculty of Medicine, ِِAssiut University , 2012

Associate Professor Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University , 2007

Lecturer Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University , 2002

Assistant Lecturer Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University , 1995

Demonstrator Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University , 1994
1- Mahmoud Raafat Kandil , Cognitive impairment in epilepsy ,2010-02-01
supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Raafat Kandil Dr. Sherifa Ahmed Hamed

2- Ali Mabrook Salem Bathalath , Evoked Potentials Evaluation in Children with Epilepsy ,2015-06-23
supervisor: Dr. Essam Saad Darwish (M.D.) Dr. Sherifa Ahmed Hamed (M.D.)

3- Ahmad Abdel Maggeed Soliman , Neuropsychological Consequences of Idiopathic Epilepsy ,2015-06-23
supervisor: Professor. Nabil Abdel Hakeem Metwaly Professor. Sherifa Ahmad Hamed Omran Dr. Mahmoud Mohamad Hassan

4- Abd El-Razek Mohamed Sayed , Pattern of Epilepsy in Childhood and Adolescence in Assiut ,2015-06-23
supervisor: Dr. Mahmod Rafaat Kandil Dr.Wafaa Mohamed Ahmed Dr. Sherifa Ahmed Hamed

5- Khaled Osama Mohamed Ahmed , Clinical and Epidemiological Study of Migraine and Tension Headache in Assuit Governorate, Egypt ,2013-03-26
supervisor: Prof. Mahmoud Raafat Kandil Prof. KawtharAbd El-Motagaly Fadel Prof. Sherifa Ahmed Hamed