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Department of Pediatrics


Our postgraduate courses aim to:

  • Enable candidates to acquire a satisfactory level of clinical skills, bedside care skills, in addition to update medical knowledge as well as clinical experience and competence in the area of Pediatric Medicine. 
  • Provide candidates with fundamental knowledge of Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine as regards; dealing with critically ill pediatric patients, ICU equipment, techniques, indications, contraindications and training skills of different intensive care techniques.
  • Introduce candidates to the basics of scientific medical research.
  • Enable candidates starting professional careers as specialists in Egypt and making them recognized as specialists abroad.
  • Enable candidates to pursue higher studies and subspecialties.
  • Enable candidates to understand and get the best of published scientific research and make their own.

We offer 2 degrees:

  1. Master degree
    Master course specification
  2. Medical Doctorate
    MD course specification