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Dean Of Faculty of Computers and Information

Dean of The Faculty of Computers and Information


Since the twentieth century, Humans live with enormous technological developments which happened after the information and communication technology revolution. Since then the world has become one village. The technology of computers and information occupies communications technology loaded with information. The role of FCI's is to graduate cadres who are capable of participating in the making of the enormous development, providing experts in all technological fields of computers and information systems, information technology and e-commerce transactions and other sciences is important. I have dreamed of Faculty of Computers and Information in Assiut University and it had been achieved. Thank God for this achievement, and i also want to thank the scientists and professors who led this university with all sincerity so that became our dream a reality after several batches graduated from college so far deployed in the work of various companies and factories. May God grant us the strength and knowledge to keep moving forward.

 Dean of the faculty

Prof. Taiseer Hassan Abdel-Hamid Sulaiman