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Welcome Alumni



Welcome to a remarkable, administrative divisions in the faculty of Computers and Information that is related, but somehow separated from the department of student affairs. We are here to help further the goals of the university. This department is responsible for dealing with all graduates.

As a former student, you are part of OVER 100,000 members of the AUN alumni community. The Faculty of Computers and Information at AUN has its own alumni program, which provides specific benefits and services to former Computers and Information graduates.

We know that finding a job after graduation might be hard. Hence, our main goal is helping our graduates to find the ideal job for them. Once the student finish all his courses, He can register on our database for employment opportunities

objectives Our objectives

  • Announcing for job opportunities.
  • Keeping graduates updated constantly with the latest techniques to develop their skills.
  • Organizing a day for all graduates to attend annually.
  • Holding seminars for undergraduates to give them advices about employment and postgraduate studies.
  • Issuing handbook for graduates to guide them in their career path.
  • Following up with students to know the problems they face in their careers and help them.
  • Creating a Constant and effective communication with companies and institution to figure out potential and suitable job opportunities for our graduates.

objectivesOur specializations

  • Issuing temporary certificates for students (Arabic / English).
  • Releasing student grade reports.
  • Collecting students’ CVs and handling them to employing companies and the university upon request.
  • Preparing lists of names of recent graduates and their grades for the issuance of the Ministerial Decision from the University’s president.
  • Preparing lists of names and numbers of payment vouchers for graduates and sending them to the faculty’s financial Department to estimate the original certificates cost and sending them to the university’s administration.
  • Issuing graduation certificates for old and fresh graduates.
  • Issuing certificates of appreciation.
  • Creating a Statistical analysis for male and female graduates and their grades for every department.
  • Building a database of the top graduates of their class with all required their data, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Revising the certificates and handle them to the dean and his vice to get the final approval after receiving them from the central department of graduates’ affairs