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Student Affairs

Students'  Affairs Services

Services offered by the students’ affairs office;

Faculty Admission

  • White success certificate
  • 8 personal photos
  • Original electronic birth certificate
  • Military form (2) for male students only (from the militarization administration)
  • Certificates of sports excellence (for students with sports-related incentives)
  • Faculty admission request (admission form)

Medical Examination

The student gets the medical examination form from the students’ affairs administration

University Card/ Faculty ID extraction

Statement of tuition fees to be collected from the Egyptian students.

Success award

  • It is given according to the text of the article no. 272 of the universities’ regulations law and its executive register.
  • It states that the award shall be given to the Egyptian students who are ranked among the top 30 students of the science division, the top 10 students of the literature division, and the top 5 students of the technical secondary school.
  • The award’s amount is about 120 EGP given to the students yearly as an appreciation for their excellence.
  • Egyptian students who do not fit the previous criteria as their total secondary school certificate grade is equivalent to at least 80% are also rewarded with an amount of 48 EGP.
  • The Faculty continues to reward the students as the previous points mentioned only if the students succeed to achieve a general grade of “very good”.
  • Whoever succeeds to achieve a score equivalent to "excellent" in the preliminary exam is awarded an annual reward of 120 EGP.
  • Whoever succeeds to achieve a score equivalent to "very good" – he/she does not fit any of the 3 mentioned above criteria - is awarded an annual reward of 60 EGP.
  • The Supreme Council of Universities spearheads the responsibility of enforcing the rules of the mentioned system whether on the transfer students who starts their academic journey after the preparation year or the students whose faculties do not support preparation/preliminary year.
  • The student will be given the reward a year after his/her success in achieving a high grade.
  • The reward is subjected to renewal as long as the previous conditions exist.
  • If the student passed away before his/her reward is received, the official heirs of the student can receive it on his/her behalf.

Sick notes

  • The student is to inform the students’ affairs administration of his/her inability to take the exam at the set time, or his/her default to attend any of the practical or theoretical classes during the academic year.
  • The student is referred to the medical administration to undergo the official medical examination as it is the only medical party accredited by the exam administration. Later, the medical administration prepares a report including the student’s health status to inform the faculty of whether to accept or decline his/her sick note.
  • As for the students of mental disorders, a committee is formed to assess the student’s actual mental state. The committee is formed from 3 of the faculty of medicine’s teaching board along with the faculty’s dean to supervise the process.
  • The student can submit his/her sick note before the exam, during the exam, or a couple of days after the exam.
  • If the student's illness defies him/her from moving to the university hospital, then the student must head to the nearest medical institution, while taking into consideration that the faculty is to be informed of the name of the institution and the assigned doctor.
  • The faculty must transfer the student’s medical file to the committee to assess the severity of the illness.
  • The student is not allowed to request more than 2 sick notes during his/her academic years.
  • According to the 80th article of the executive regulations, a third sick note can be granted to the student by the decree of the university council.

University Hostels’ Students Acceptance System:

  • The university hostels only accept students of the regular system.
  • The student must extract an envelope from the dorm’s administration, then head to the students’ affairs office in the faculty for accreditation, and finally return to the dorm's administration to submit the accredited envelope.
  • For old students: the student must achieve at least a grade equivalent to “good” to continue to live in the university hostels.

Suspending student’s entry:

  Faculty’s council may stop student’s entry for two consecutive or separated academic years, during education period at the faculty, in case of providing accepted excuse that prevents student from regulating. In case of necessity, university’s council may extent entry suspension period and this is according to rule no, 69 from executive regulation of universities organization rule. Record suspension should include a detailed explanation for the excuse and to be attached with original copies or any documents issued from non-official authorities. Request must be applied at the beginning of every academic year till 31\12, request will be ignored from students’ affairs council at the university, if the student applied it after estimated period.

Reasons that lead to entry suspension:

  1. Militarization, as to finish military service (for males).
  2. Husband fellowship, for married girls and baby caring.
  3. Lateness of students’ acceptance at universities’ faculties, lateness of expatriate students arrival due to coercivity reasons (reasons should be mentioned).
  4. Students who are suffering from mental diseases, which requires long treatment.
  5. Calling from militarization service for one year (for males)
  6. Student who is finishing his\her penalty or arrest period.
  7. Documents that proves entry suspension+ student’s name