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  • PhD in computers and information sciences programs at AUN give you a broad background in computers and information sciences by intensive study and research experience in your chosen specialized area.
  • The PHD degree will deepen the students’ research capabilities will add a lot of knowledge of computers and information science by conducting theoretical and applied scientific research and presenting it in an integrated scientific message.

Admission requirements

  • At the faculty of Computers and Information, we accept applications for PhD students in mid-September, and the study begins in October.
  • The student must have a master degree of Computers and information in the specialized field from an Egyptian university or equivalent degree from any scientific institute acknowledged by the supreme council of universities
  • The total hours of study during the masters must exceed 300 hours.
  • The study hours of graduation, diploma, and master stages will be assessed, to specialized fields, by the board of the concerned department and approved by the Faculty Board.

System of Study

  • The study is divided into two stages:
  1. One preliminary year to study the required courses
  2. A period of minimum one year of maximum four years to prepare the thesis for the PHD.
  • It is permitted for the faculty Board to grant the student one extra year to complete the thesis.
  • The graduate student for a doctorate studies course during the preliminary year, and the study hours must exceed 10 hours weekly for 28 weeks in one academic year.
  • It is permitted (for the faculty council by the recommendation of the concerned department Council) to exempt the student from studying some courses if the student had previously studied the courses under one condition which is                                         The period since studying these courses must be less than five years.
  • Getting PHD in Computers and information requires:
  1. The student must succeed in all courses of the preliminary year.
  2. The student must have a seminar about the subject of the thesis, then the supervision committee presents a report acknowledging the validity of the thesis to be presented to the judging panel.
  3. The judging panel must acknowledge the validity of the thesis to obtain a PHD degree in computers and information.

          PhD File

At AUN, You can have your PHD specialized in the following departments, for all the details regarding the courses and the Postgraduate studies in the following departments, download the attached PDFs