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Quality assurance and accreditation unit

Quality assurance and accreditation unit

  • Unit Vision

The unit aims to raise the level of efficiency and competitiveness of the Faculty's output sought to achieve a distinct presence among the corresponding Faculty at the local and regional level.

  • Unit mission

To continuously develop the institutional capacity and educational effectiveness of the faculty.

  • Unit structure



The government's position


Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Talouba

Unit Manager


Mr. Majid Ahmed Gad El-rab Askar

Deputy Director of the Unit


Ms. Doaa Mohammed Sayed

Managing Director of the Unit


Ms. Ghada Mohamed Farghaly

Administrative staff


Ms. Alaa Mohammed deyaa

Administrative staff


Mr. Michael Maher Fakhri

Administrative staff


Ms. Heba Mahmoud Metwally

Administrative staff

The unit was established in 2003 and its objectives as follows:

  • Adopt the faculty’s mission.
  • Evaluation of the educational process.
  • Conduct questionnaires to evaluate students for courses.
  • Description of courses at the Faculty.
  • Description of the Faculty's study programs.
  • Create an integrated database and files for all courses and programs.
  • The activities of the unit include:
  1. Accreditation of the Faculty's mission.
  2. Making questionnaires to know the student’s opinions of the course specification.
  3. Evaluating the educational process by measuring performance indicators for all inputs and outcomes of the educational process.
  4. Working to spread the culture of evaluation among faculty and students where surveys are made to know the student’s opinion about different courses through an electronic website that has been prepared and linked to the university information network and this program can be circulated to all faculties.
  5. In addition to establishing an integrated information base and files for all study programs and courses, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the possibilities and study programs, providing appropriate proposals and means to overcome them, follow-up the development of the faculty for research and studies, as well as developing the faculty's activities in the field of community service and environmental development.

Where, the questionnaires were completed and analyzed:

  • Survey on the students’ performance in courses.
  • Faculty members’ course questionnaire.
  • Survey on the opinions of the academic staff and their assistants about the performance of the head of the department.
  • Survey on academic staff opinions about the dean's performance.
  • Survey on the administrations’ performance in the departments of "Youth Care - Student Affairs – Library” from the students and academic staff perspective.
  • Survey of the final year students at the University.
  • The faculty member's report on their activities during the school year.


  1. Student Opinion Questionnaire for Level I Courses 2017-2018
  2. Student Opinion Questionnaire for Level II Grade 1 Courses 2017 - 2018
  3. Student Opinion Questionnaire for Level 3 Courses 2017 - 2018
  4. Student Opinion Questionnaire for Level 4 Courses 2017 - 2018
  5. Student Opinion Questionnaire for First-Level Grade 1 Courses Vital Information Systems Program 2017 - 2018
  6. Student Opinion Questionnaire for First Level Grade Courses Software Engineering 2017-2018
  7. Training Needs Identification Form 2017
  8. Employees satisfaction survey 2017
  9. Poll for The Faculty’s vice dean for Environment and Community Service 2017
  10. Head of departments Performance Assessment Questionnaire 2017
  11. Dean's Performance Assessment Questionnaire 2017
  12. Job Satisfaction Questionnaire 2017
  13. The Facebook page of the National Authority for The Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation