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Alumni Services

Alumni Services 

  • Extraction of temporary certificates for students. (Arabic/English)
  • Extracting a statement of students’ grades.
  • Keeping an updated copy of the students' resumes to present them to the private and public sectors when needed.

Responsibilities of the Graduate Affairs sector

  • (Preparing the names and data of the graduates and sending them to the Central Graduate Department (Certificate Editing Department) to edit the original graduation certificates for the semesters of June, January, and September for the credit hours system regulations and the semester of November for the academic years regulations.
  • Preparing statements of the names and grades of the new graduates according to the ministerial decree of the Mr. Prof/University president.
  • Preparing statements of the names and numbers of the payment vouchers for graduates and sending them to the faculty's accounting department to extract the value of the original certificates and send them to the university administration.
  • Extraction of the graduation certificates for old and new graduates.
  • Extraction of the grades’ certificates.
  • Performing a statistical study for each student (males and females) which includes his/her grades and the departments he/she belongs to.
  • Performing a geographical statistical study for graduate students.
  • Preparing a statement of the graduates’ valedictorians including all their data, addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • Receiving the original graduation certificates after being released by the university's graduates department, reviewing the edited data, and making sure that they are not faulty, and then accrediting them by Mr. Prof./ Dean of the faculty and Mr. Prof./University president.
  • Recording of the certificates in the graduates’ journal to be handed to the graduates.
  • Performing the procedures of the certificates accreditation. (temporary/original)

Certification procedures

First: Types of certificates

  • Certificate of graduation in Arabic or English
  • Certificate of grades (four years) in Arabic or English
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • A statement of success
  • Scientific content
  • The original graduation certificate is obtained after being edited by the General Department of Education Affairs of the University and approved by Mr. Prof./Dean of the Faculty and Mr. Prof./ University president.

Second: The required procedures

  • The graduate student must complete the form (a) at the graduates’ administration, which is the final release of the student party from the university city, the faculty’s library, laboratories, and from the students’ care administration.
  • The graduate student must complete the form (b) at the graduates’ administration, which includes the personal data of the graduate such as the date of birth, national number, graduation class, section and name in English as written in the passport if he/she happens to hold a passport.
  • The graduate student must provide a recent photo for each certificate requested, while the fresh graduate must present at least 4 photos.
  • The graduate student requests a payment receipt for the value of the required certificates to pay the value at the faculty’s treasury. Then, head back to the graduates’ affairs to submit the receipt. New graduates must fulfill the amount of 150 pounds which is the value of (3) certificates only in Arabic.
  • The certificates handover process will not be fulfilled unless an identification document is presented such as a valid national ID card, passport, or a driving license. In some cases, a delegate of the graduate student can take the certificate, but first, he/she must present an attorney.

Third: A statement of fees: -




Arabic/English graduation certificate fees (EGP 30 fee + EGP 20 for the educational service stamp)


Fees of a four-year certificate of grades in Arabic or English (EGP 40 fee + 30 for the stamp of educational service)


Certificate of good conduct (EGP 30 fee + 20 for the stamp of educational service)


Scientific content fees


Success statement fees



  1. The fees mentioned above were edited on 30 October 2018 and are valid as long as there are no further notices from the supreme administration’s side.

  2. The fees of the original certificates are fulfilled with the 4th year tuition fees.

  3. The original certificate is requested at least 4 months after its handover. (the certificate can be presented by the graduate himself/herself or whoever represents him/her by an attorney accredited by the real estate registration office or the Egyptian consulate if the graduate is abroad.)