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Postgraduate and Research Affairs

Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research Affairs


  • The councils of the academic departments in the faculty set their research plan for five years concurrent with the plan of the foreign missions. The plan must be linked with the industry and production and service sectors of the regions and governorates surrounding the university and with the comprehensive development plans of the state and environmental problems and with the fulfillment of the department’s needs of faculty members and the departments’ plans are presented to the Faculty Board For approval.
  • The councils of the scientific departments determine what is necessary to complete the basic structure of scientific research in it, including the equipment, devices, tools and the necessary trained technical elements. The college and university provide the necessary funding within the available budget, and the department council and college council follow up on the implementation of these plans.
  • The dissertations of Master’s and Ph.D. degrees are part of the research departments’ plans.
  • The research plan of the faculty consists of the research plans of the departments. Attempt to coordinate with the faculties of computers and other information is taken into consideration in order to serve the industry and the development plan.
  • The study plans for postgraduate diplomas, master's courses and Ph.D., developed and developed are related to the types of industry, development plans, the requirements of the environment and the surrounding areas in a way that supports the link between the college and society and encourages its employees to join postgraduate studies in the faculty. Accounting, panel discussions, an implementation project, and elective courses to be developed and expanded.