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Research Funding

How can a staff member take a research fund?

Terms and conditions for applying:

  • To be a staff member at the faculty of computers and information, Assiut University
  • The department should have accredited research plans from faculty administration.
  • Student’s research for both master’s and PhD should be related to the department and took department’s council acceptance.
  • Staff member could not take more than fund for two projects per year.
  • Master’s fund shall not exceed 5000 L.E and PhD fund research shall not exceed 20.000 L.E. Other funds are going to be determined, in one condition that the fund is for devices student needs for the research.

Registration process

  • In case A staff member needs to take a fund for scientific research for (Master’s or PhD), he/ she should provide the  research’s idea in an attached document. Researcher should apply this model to research evaluating committee at the faculty, according previously mentioned terms.
  • To follow manners and research standards.
  • Community services and finding solutions for current city problems researches are mostly preferred.
  • Research must be sent to three staff members at the faculty or outside it, where one of them should be from the committee in charge of evaluating researches, in addition to external member and member from specialization. Committee in charge is going to meet, as to issue resolution fund of researches recording highest degrees among received researches. The researcher who is going to take the fund, will sign a contract.
  • Researcher is obliged to provide a report each 6 months, stating project development and to vow to publish research results according to article number 5 in mentioned in application form.
  • Applying for those projects has to be in November and May each academic year.