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Unit of measurement and evaluation

Unit of measurement and evaluation


to effectively apply evaluation and measurement standards to support the educational journey.


Raising awareness of the importance of developing teaching and learning and applying tools and standards of measurement and evaluation, while using high quality and strategies.


  • Developing the mechanisms for evaluating students and examinations and announcing results.
  • Preparing trained cadres of faculty members and assistant administrative equipment in the field of measurement and evaluation.
  • Follow-up indicators to measure student and faculty satisfaction on measurement systems, student evaluation and exams.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of measurement and evaluation in the educational process.
  • The ability to design electronic tests efficiently.
  • The variety of tools to measure students' skills to identify the outstanding, talented and troubled.
  • Accuracy and transparency in the final result of adjusting the educational process.
  • Preparing question banks that contribute to the evaluation of targeted education outcomes and academic standards for study programs.

Board of Directors of the Unit

Head of the Statistics Committee

Full-time Professor, It Department


Dr. Hassani Mohammed Ibrahim

Project Manager

And chairman of the Training and Technology Committee.

Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Tayseer Hassan Abdul Hamid


The Faculty's Undersecretary for Education and Student Affairs


Dr. Marghani Hassan Mohammed

Head of the Committee for Measuring and Analyzing the Opinions of Beneficiaries

The Faculty's Undersecretary for Community Service

Dr. Prof. Khaled Fathi Hussein

Executive Director



Chairman of the Follow-up and Technical Support Committee

Chairman of the Question Banks Committee and Chairman of the Electronic Correction Committee

Assistant Teacher in the Department of Computer Science


Prof. Majid Ahmed Gad Al-Rub Askar

Deputy Executive Director

Chairman of the Advertising and Publishing Committee

Assistant Teacher, Information Systems Department

Prof. Hassan Saad Shaaban


Teacher in information systems department

Dr. Mohamed Fawzi Siddiq


Technology teacher

Dr. Islam Tajuddin


Information Systems Department

Mr./Mohamed Ahmed Foley



Mr./Mahmood Abdul-Star


Computer Science Department



Multimedia Partition Counter

Mahmoud Salah


College Secretary

Mr. /Osama Al-Sayyid Mohammed


Director of the Dean's Office

Jamal Badri Hassan Nile


Managing Director, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit

Ms./Doaa Mohammed Sayed

Unit meetings

Unit seminars and workshops

  1. A workshop titled “The Strategy to implement the standards of measurement and evaluation and translate them into measurable output”.
  2. A workshop titled “Developing a system to ensure the existence of periodic reports of feedback from the strategic implementation”.
  3. Workshop titled “Review and updating of the Faculty regulations and approval by the Faculty and University Council”. (standards and evaluation laws associated with the correction of electronic tests)
  4. Workshop titled "Identifying the elements of the student's achievement file"
  5. Workshop titled "Designing the Electronic Portfolio "
  6. “Training the faculty and assisting staff on electronic examinations”

Guides and flyers

Project visits

Unit tests

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Address: University of Assiut - Faculty of Computers and Information