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Faculty Of Computer and Information Library


Faculty of Computer and Information Library


The faculty of computer and information library stems the objectives of its educational institution. The success of the faculty in accomplishing its message depends on the validity of its libraries. The library is responsible for the educational and research process at the university. It is a cultural, educational, and scientific organization that works to serve students, faculty, and researchers.

Our library provides you with the needed information for your studies and research. The books are organized, categorized, cataloged, and indexed in order to ease access to information in a fast way


The Library of faculty of Computer and Information is looking forward to participating in producing and developing a generation of scientists, experts, and innovative specialists who are capable of becoming future leaders and expanding the principles of computer science. We also aim to provide our researchers with a set of selected books, journals, and pioneer periodicals in research excellence that develop university and Community Service.


AUN’s library is concerned with collecting, organizing, retrieving, and broadcasting the sources of information on the various disciplines of the Faculty of Computers and information in all its forms. Also, we facilitate the access to these resources to achieve our aims. The library seeks to organize and provide the required information, in addition to, create the right atmosphere that helps people do their research, study, and education.


  1. Prepare and improve the capacity of workers.
  2. Create new capabilities to meet the quality standards of international accreditation to work in various fields that correspond to the changing needs of the business market.
  3. Work to support the cultural and scientific links through documentation.
  4. Cooperate and coordinate with other libraries within the country and abroad to access multiple sources of information that are necessary for researchers and participation in local, national, regional, and international information networks.
  5. Help our visitors and direct them.
  6. Stay up to date with the new trends, especially in the field of information and automation mechanism through our Digital Library.


  1. Facilitate internal access.
  2. Provide guidance.
  3. Facilitate internal and external borrowing, according to the bylaw.
  4. Provide references.
  5. Provide photocopying.