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department of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemists have developed extremely powerful and sophisticated experimental and analytical techniques to probe the structure of molecules and chemical reactions. These techniques are critical and fundamental to solving sophisticated industrial, environmental, medical and biomedical problems.

Hence, our ultimate goal is to provide pharmacy students with the foundation and basic understanding of different branches of pharmaceutical analytical chemistry by equipping our students with the conceptual and intellectual foundation for further studies in pharmaceutical research skills, working in teams, solving problems and preparation of reports.

Equip our graduates with the cognitive skills and applied capabilities that prepare them for:

  1. Teaching the basics of analytical chemistry, including all methods used for qualitative identification and quantification of all organic and inorganic chemical compounds. These methods include all standard methods as well as the mechanism.
  2. Teaching the basics of separating and estimating mixtures of chemical compounds and identifying them easily using standard, mechanical, and computational and quantum methods.
  3. Environmental and pharmacy analysis, such as water, oils, medicinal plants, cosmetics, and others.
  4. Introducing all modern techniques used in separating and assigning organic and inorganic pharmaceutical compounds and qualifying students to use these technologies, and this in turn leads to the development of basic concepts and skills required to understand some subjects in subsequent years.
  5. Modernizing and developing the various methods that lead to encouraging positive interaction with the surrounding environment.