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About Faculty Of Pharmacy


Welcome to the faculty of Pharmacy

The faculty of pharmacy, Assiut University is dedicated to providing, establishing and disseminating the correct pharmaceutical concepts and principles in the faculty graduates in order to enable them to carry out excellent pharmaceutical and health services in the national and regional area. This in turn, Shall contribute in the development and improvement of the health quality of the citizens residing in these areas. The faculty is also fostering an understanding of the need for life-long pharmaceutical learning.
On the other hand, the Faculty is supporting pharmaceutical as well as medical research projects which are in the line with the national goals.
The pharmacy program encourages the positive interaction with the surrounding environment and the fruitful cooperation between the pharmacy graduates and other elements of the community.

Faculty Vision

Pioneering of pharmaceutical education, scientific research and to meet Egypt vision 2030.

Faculty Mission

Provision of distinguished pharmaceutical education through accredited scientific programs to qualify highly competent efficient pharmacists who are able to actively contribute in improving community health care and competing in the national and regional work markets. Further, consolidation of the ethics of pharmacy profession graduates, implementing the value of self-learning and conducting novel scientific research that would take part in developing the drug industry and meeting the health needs of the community.

Growth and Expansion

  • In 1965/1966, the number of students who obtained a bachelor degree was 29 graduates, now the number of students who obtained a bachelor degree from the faculty of Pharmacy at AUN reached 12,000 students.
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy obtained the QAAP project in 2004. Then, obtained CIQAP project in 5/3/2008 and finished the requirements of accreditation in 13/10/2010.

Organizational Structure

  • Explore faculty Organizational Structure from  link

Strategy Plan

Values & Goals

Faculty of Pharmacy at AUN aims to

  1. Provide an effective academic and administrative system.
  2. Graduate distinguished pharmacists who are capable of innovation and competition in the labor market.
  3. Achieve a distinguished level in scientific research and community service.
  4. Continue the evaluation process of the institution.



History (Faculty Story)

Founded in 1960 as the third Pharmacy school in Egypt, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Assiut University has a long and distinguished history. Since then, it awarded more than 12,000 undergraduate students bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. As a response to the endless developments in pharmaceutical education, the undergraduate program was expanded in 2006 by establishing the Clinical Pharmacy Program.

Then In 2008, Assiut’s Faculty of Pharmacy was the first Pharmacy school to receive national academic accreditation in Upper Egypt. Our dedicated staff members and rich student activities make the faculty of Pharmacy- Assiut University the perfect environment for students’ professional development and growth. Over the years, The Faculty of Pharmacy alumni has proven to be of professional competency and competitive skills as they served on the most distinguished and prestigious positions, at the industrial, academic, national levels, and abroad.