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Programs Offered

Programs Offered at AUN Pharmacy 

At AUN, We offer 2 undergraduate programs:

     1. Pharm D Program

       2. Pharm D Clinical Pharmacy Program

Program Vision

Achieving medical and distinctive treatment services and positive interaction with medical teams at the regional level.

Program Mission

Clinical pharmacy program (credit hours system) at the Faculty of pharmacy, Assiut University aims to graduate clinical pharmacists who are qualified and able to deal with medical teams to provide distinctive treatment service, and to conduct research for community service.

Program Objectives

  • Prepare qualified pharmacists who are able to effectively work in the multidisciplinary pharmacy field through studying pharmaceutical and clinical courses according to the student's bylaw.
  • Apply most recent techniques of interactive teaching and encourage participation of students in active learning.
  • Establish the principle of lifelong-learning through implementing continuous-pharmacy education.
  • Minimize the risks of therapy and avoid undesirable drug interactions and medication errors and improve the pharmaceutical care service in hospitals.
  • Improve the quality of health provided to patients
  • Illustrate the unique role of pharmacist in providing pharmaceutical care services that contribute to promote health and rapid-recovery.

3. Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Program

4. Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Pharmacy Program (Unified) 2018

5. Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Pharmacy Program