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Student Computer Center and Internet

Student Computer Center and Internet

The number and date of the decision created for it:

  1. The decision of the University Council in its 591st session held on 28 September 2009 to approve the establishment of the Computer center and the Internet and its internal regulations in the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University as a unit of a special nature.
  2. The decision of Prof. Dr. / Minister of Higher Education and President of the Supreme Council of Universities No.  31 dated 2/8/2010 to approve of the establishment of the computer center in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Assiut as a unit of a special nature.

About the Center:

  • The Student Computer Center of the Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1993 with one room and a limited number of computers.
  • In 2000, the center was upgraded to encompass five laboratories, comprising 36 computers and four printers, in addition to one In Focus device and two scanners. 
  • After the college obtained the continuous development project and the qualification of accreditation, the laboratories were renovated to five in 2008 and were equipped with 50 computers.
  • The center was also equipped with five scanners, three printers, a monitor and a sound unit, bringing the number of computers in the laboratories to seventy-five.

Student Computer Administration Mission:

  • The students’ computer administration is based on activating and spreading the culture of self-education and information technology through providing training courses in computer programs for students and administrators in the college, where the labs are considered as the window from which the student looks at the world and monitor the development that occur through the Internet. 
  • Making it easier for students to obtain ICDL as a requirement for graduation.
  • Facilitation of the output of the scientific teaching material through ppt presentations.
  • Enabling the students as well as the academic staff members to use the computers and internet connection in their online researches.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of computers and its accessories in the scientific and administrative departments of the Faculty.

The board of directors of the Computer and Internet Center in the Faculty:

Prof. Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Vice Dean of the Faculty for Education and Student Affairs

Dr. Marwa Fathi Bakr, Assistant Professor, Department of Analytical Chemistry (Center Director)

Dr. Ola Mohamed Fahmy, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

Dr. Hind Abu Al-Majd Abdel Moneim, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr. Lauren Jamal Gabriel Malak, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacognosy

Dr. Maryam Ashraf Amin, Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Laboratory system and equipment.

  • The laboratory is equipped to host ICDL training courses. It includes 20 computers (one for each student) in addition to a computer for the documentation of the courses and a data show device.
  • It has been accredited by the UNISCO in September 1st 2009.
  • Special teachers have been trained and hired for the students' activities and scientific research to help the students conduct the research activities or postgraduate researches assigned to them by the professors; all the efforts to the learning process for students and professors through encouraging research and exploring the latest publications in the field of pharmacy.
  • The lab has been supplied with printers, scanner and 17 WIFI access points.


  • Organizing (ICDL) training courses and various programs.
  • Organizing ICDL tests.
  • Student computer labs organize training courses for the employees of the Faculty’s different departments, where the number of sixty-two employees divided into five groups was trained on the various computer skills in order to upgrade the qualifications of the Faculty’s staff scientifically and administratively through the knowledge of how to use information technology and how to deal with the computer and its accessories and programs.(Windows XP & Microsoft Word).
  • Providing scientific research services over the Internet through 17 Internet points.
  • To help students in the search for topics related to the scientific subject they are studying.
  • The devices contain a range of scientific programs for the Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • The lab offers many services to the students of the Faculty, where students deliver presentations on various programs such as Power Point.
  • The lab is equipped with CDs that contain educational programs for Windows and its applications and programming.
  • The lab contains a small library containing 25 books for computers that provide internal and external borrowing services for students of the Faculty, as well as a number of computer magazines such as The Language of the Era and Online with their CDs and the latest information in the field of computer.
  • The laboratories assist and provide students and faculty members with information, consultation, answer to their computer related inquiries, and provide some other services such as copying scientific records, whether for the scientific material of the Faculty of Pharmacy or some other scientific discs and copies of the records of various authorized programs, as well as printing research for students and presentations as hard copies.