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Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

This degree aims to qualify pharmacists to provide a distinguished clinical pharmacy service that helps develop the medical service, relying on the integration of the medical team members with the development of the necessary skills for that through study and clinical training in hospitals.

Study System

The duration of study for the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy is two calendar years, and the number of credit hours allocated to the program is not less than 40

First year: The student studies specialized courses for 28 credit hours over two semesters.

Second year: The student passes 6 practical and clinical training courses, including three compulsory courses and three elective courses, estimated as 12 credit hours, with 6 training hours (equivalent to 2 credit hours) for each course for an eight-week period.

Enrollment requirements

  • For admission to postgraduate studies, it is required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or the PharmD from the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University or one of the other faculties of pharmacy in Egyptian universities or equivalent institutes recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities. The applicant is admitted within the available research plan and the capacity limits of the concerned department and according to the specific requirements of the degree.
  •  The student should sign an acknowledgment of the necessary dedication to study time.
  •  The student should complete all required documents (Graduation certificate – Grades certificate - Military recruitment certificate (males only) - Birth certificate - Approval of the relevant department - Approval of the applicant’s employment institute for enrollment).
  •  The student is considered finally enrolled in any course only after paying all fees on the specified dates.
  • A graduate student may not be enrolled in more than one degree at the same time.

Study Duration

Not less than two years from the date of registration and not more than three years


1- Doctor of Pharmacy degree

2- Practical Training Rounds for the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (Second Year)