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Drug Research Center

Drug research center

The center is not available at the faculty’s campus ground. As well as, it is administrated by the vice president for postgraduate and research. It employs pharmacists who graduated from the faculty.

  • The center is administrated by prof.dr sayed Ali Ibrahim and assistaned by Dr. Sara Ahmed abou El Maged.
  • The center has its special nature as it works on supplying South Egyptian institute for cancer by providing all needed supplies for private clinics and poultry farms.
  • The center is undergoing a comprehensive development after moving to its new headquarters. It will also conduct training courses for industry pharmacists and hospital pharmacists.

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Formation of the Board of Directors for a period of three years as follows:

Prof. Dr. Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies and Research (Chairman)

Prof. Dr. Ali Ibrahim, Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy (Director of the Center)

Prof. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dean of the South Egypt Oncology Institute

Prof./ Executive Director of University Hospitals

Dr. Sarah Ahmed Abu Al-Majd, Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy (Deputy Director of the Center)

Dr. Mohamed Nahed Attia Mohamed, Director of the University’s Dental Hospital

The pharmacist/director of the General Administration of Pharmacy in the Directorate of Health Affairs

The Pharmacist/Director of Pharmacy Department at Assiut Main University Hospital