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Department of Pharmaceutics


The department of pharmaceutics throughout the years has achieved academic excellence by following its ambitious mission to;

  • graduate a student who is perfectly capable of creating and evaluating any pharmaceutical product regardless of its form.
  • be a strong channel that supplies the students of pharmacy with the essential information, knowledge and skills.
  • graduate students who are perfectly capable of;
  • Creating pharmaceutical products.
  • Developing formulas.
  • Identifying the factors that affect the product’s efficiency.
  • Identifying the factors that affect the human body absorption of the used drug.

The department offers a diverse group of comprehensive courses that the students of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutics programs are privileged to learn, which are;

  • pharmacy orientation
  • history of pharmacy
  • pharmaceutical legislation
  • physical pharmacy
  • pharmaceutics
  • kinetic foundations
  • biopharma
  • hospital pharmacy
  • cosmetics
  • radio-pharmacy/radiological pharmacy
  • clinical pharmacy

The department also plays a crucial role for the postgraduate studies sector through the following:

  • It participates in teaching the clinical pharmacy and technological pharmacy diplomas.
  • It offers various programs for the postgraduate students to choose from, which include:
  • Master’s degree of pharmaceutics.
  • Doctorate of pharmaceutics.

The department has its fair share when it comes to community service and its role is represented in conducting researches to solve the issues of:

  • Drugs manufactural.
  • The efficient delivery of the drugs to the patients.
  • The chronic diseases in Egypt such as HCV.


The department’s vision is strongly focused on achieving an efficient drug use through graduating competent generations of pharmacists, providing high-level of postgraduates’ studies programs, and conducting applied researches to cope with the rapid development of science.


Our ultimate goal is to equip our students with the foundation of knowledge that is essential to generate savvy professionals in pharmacy. We commit to prepare our students for their chosen career as providers of pharmaceutical care, health promotion, and disease prevention by ensuring that medications are used safely and effectively to improve the patient’s quality. We achieve our goal through:

  1. Presenting various courses in pharmacy orientation, physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical dosage forms, kinetics, pharmacy law, history of pharmacy, Bio pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, and cosmetics.
  2. Offering diploma in pharmaceutical technology and clinical pharmacy.
  3. Delivering academic programs which help the students take the steps to their Masters and Ph.D. degrees in pharmaceutics.


1. The goals of the department of pharmaceutics are to empower students with the foundation of knowledge essential to the profession of pharmacy.
2. The department is committed to prepare students for their chosen career as providers of pharmaceutical care, health promotion and disease prevention activates to ensure that medications are used safely and effectively to improve the patient quality of life.
3. To support research and to foster the interest of students who seek to engage in research.
4. To promote continuous learning by facilitating opportunities for post-graduate and continuing education.