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Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

Department’s mission

   Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry department is obliged with immersing excellent quality in educational, research and servicing activities. Also aims to provide developed and clear definition for all chemical and biological sides of designing and targeting medicines theories, according to latest promotions in researches of technology medicine research, as it works on providing students’ participation in researches and solving scientific and industrial problems, which face society in drug field.

 Department’s vision

To achieve leadership locally and regionally in kind of pharmaceutical chemistry and research trends in fields of designing, constructing and grading of drug, as to achieve safe and effective product.

Departments’ goals:

  • To prepare highly skilled graduate in knowledge of drug products and its efficiency.
  • To meet drug industrial needs, by providing specialists (Pharmacy graduates “bachelorette- Masters’- PhD holders”) in field of design and drug preparation.
  • To do academic and applicable researches, motivating researchers and students on scientific publishing through well-organized workshops and well-equipped laboratories.
  • To work on developing skills of departments’ members in both educational and research fields, by motivating them on participating on local, regional and global conferences and to cooperate scientifically with high universities.
  • To cooperate with drug production centers in fields of research and development, by providing academic consult or practice.

Departments’ courses are related to medicinal chemistry, drug discovering and designing, to take advantage from developments as to encourage projects.

We as Assiut University provide Master’s and PhD programs in medical chemistry, for students who wants to build a research future or to gain un-limited scientific excellence.

The educational experience in our department:

  1. Simulates critical thinking skills.
  2. Prepares students for careers in pharmaceutical organic chemistry fields.
  3. Motivates scientific literacy.
  4. Promotes lifelong scientific learning.

Furthermore, we provide an innovative learning opportunities to our students during their journey from undergraduate to postdoctoral stage.  As well, we provide multiple avenues to link our discovery and educational efforts to create a first-rate learning environment.

We also have a diverse community of professors who seek a deeper understanding of the pharmaceutical organic chemistry world and who apply that understanding to wide range of challenging technological problems. This interplay leads to highly creative interdisciplinary and collaborative research involving interactions both within and outside the department.

The department pursues vigorous involvement in the pharmaceutical organic chemistry fields by partnering with the community in our educational and research efforts.

In this way, we contribute to the vitality of scientific and technological development regionally, nationally, and internationally. The active engagement significantly enhances the learning experience and stimulates innovative research developments.