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Our PHD program gives you a broad background in Pharmacy by intense study and research experience in your chosen specialized area. Our PHD program will deepen your research capabilities as well as add lots of knowledge to your specializations by conducting theoretical and applied scientific research and presenting it in an integrated scientific message

Courses Specifications:

PhD Courses:

1- Pharmaceutics

2- Pharmacognosy

3- Medicinal Chemistry

4- Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

5- Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry

6- Industrial Pharmacy

7- Clinical Pharmacy

8- Biochemistry

9- Microbiology and Immunology

10- Pharmacology

Our policies

Obtaining a master's degree in the subject major with a “Good” GPA at least


  • Innovative research on a subject approved by the Faculty Council for a period of two years from registration.
  • Submit a research protocol.
  • Submit the research results in a letter accepted by the Judging Committee.
  • The graduate students must take a Full-time study for at least a year and must pass an English language course.

Studying duration

  • Not less than a year and not more than six years.
  • It is not permissible for a student to be enrolled in a PhD degree more than four years without applying for the exam.
  • If the graduate student has an excuse and it is accepted, the faculty council may give the student an additional period of two years maximum.
  • If the student didn’t obtain the degree after six years maximum, the student’s registration will be canceled.