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Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences

This degree aims to enhance and develop creative thinking and the ability to innovate and add what is new in various pharmaceutical fields and follow modern scientific, applied and research methods while expanding the knowledge base and specialized information through studying a number of specialized courses and conducting innovative scientific research.

Fields of study

 Assiut University, based on the proposal of the Faculty Council, grants the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the following disciplines:

1- PhD Special Courses (Pharmaceutics)

2- PhD Special Courses (Pharmacognosy)

3- PhD Special Courses (Medicinal Chemistry)

4- PhD Special Courses (Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry)

5- PhD Special Courses (Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry)

6- PhD Special Courses (Industrial Pharmacy)

7- PhD Special Courses (Clinical Pharmacy)

8- PhD Special Courses (Biochemistry)

9- PhD Special Courses (Microbiology and immunology)

10- PhD Special Courses (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

Courses Specifications:

Study System

The total number of credit hours for obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy degree is 38-40 credit hours, including courses and a thesis as follows:

Compulsory and elective specialized courses of 8-10 credit hours in one semester. After passing the courses with a GPA of no less than 2.0 and passing the with a score of at least 500; the student registers scientific thesis, that is evaluated as 30 hours.

Enrollment requirements

  • For admission to postgraduate studies, it is required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or the PharmD from the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University or one of the other faculties of pharmacy in Egyptian universities or equivalent institutes recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities. The applicant is admitted within the available research plan and the capacity limits of the concerned department and according to the specific requirements of the degree.
  • To have a master’s degree in the same specialty from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University, or one of the faculties of pharmacy in Egyptian universities, or any other scientific institute recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities.
  •  The student should sign an acknowledgment of the necessary dedication to study time.
  •  The student should complete all required documents (Graduation certificate – Grades certificate - Military recruitment certificate (males only) - Birth certificate - Approval of the relevant department - Approval of the applicant’s employment institute for enrollment).
  •  The student is considered finally enrolled in any course only after paying all fees on the specified dates.
  •  A graduate student may not be enrolled in more than one degree at the same time.

Study Duration

Not less than two years from the date of registration from the date of registration and more than five years from the date of registration.

Thesis requirements

The  Doctor of Philosophy student presents three seminars, the first of which is before recording the thesis topic, during which he determines the points and objectives of the topic and the research plan, and the last of which is after completing the preparation of the thesis and before the formation of the judging committee. He also presents a seminar while conducting experiments to demonstrate the extent to which he fulfills the research point and his commitment to the research plan.

B - Upon completion of preparing the thesis and preparing it for discussion, the main supervisor submits a request to the department council that includes a proposal to form a committee to judge the thesis in preparation for presenting it to the Graduate Studies and Research Committee and then the Faculty Council for approval, and it is supported by the following:

1. A report on the validity of the thesis signed by the supervisory committee

2. A copy of the thesis written in accordance with the instructions for writing academic theses applicable in the faculty.

3. Evidence that the student conducted the required seminars.

4. Evidence of the acceptance or publication of two researches of the results of his thesis in a specialized scientific journal with an impact factor.

First - Faculty of Pharmacy Library requirement

• Delivering (two) bound paper copies of master’s theses bound with brown wax.

• Stamping doctoral dissertations with the stamp of the Public Services Center for Scientific Theses and Research under the university’s administrative building in front of the Faculty of Education.

• One CD-ROM containing messages in PDF format

• One microfiche - brought from the Microfiche Center in Building D, ground floor in front of the Faculty of Law.

• Write the date of registration, the date of granting, and the subject that pertains to the thesis, not the title, and in which branch the research topic serves, branches of pharmacy.

• A copy of the Arabic and English summary of the thesis on a Word file

Second: A receipt from the Department of Postgraduate Studies in the university’s administrative building

• The summary of the thesis.

• One CD containing the message.

• A summary of the thesis in Arabic and English on CD

Third: A receipt for delivery to the thesis service center in front of the Faculty of Education, at the bottom of the administrative building

• One CD containing an electronic copy of the thesis (in a PDF file)