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Drug Information Center

Drug Information Center

  • The Drug Information Center of the Faculty of Pharmacy was established on 27/9/2005 and is the product of a project obtained by the Faculty from the Higher Education Development Fund under the title: “Development and application of clinical pharmacy courses for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.”
  • The center is supervised by Prof. Dr. Tahani Hassan Al Faham, full-time professor in the department of pharmaceutics of the Faculty.

The vision and mission of the Drug Information Center:

In light of the continuous development of medical sciences and the reality of abundant and increasing medical deployment, the need for the medical team to keep up with all new medical care for the patient is confirmed.

It should also be noted that the Centre's role has an economic dimension by avoiding unjustified waste by introducing better use.

The objectives of the drug Information Center:

  1. Provide the members of the health team with any medical information when needed.
  2. Create an interactive association between the members of the medical team and the center so that information is shared, disseminated and integrated between all the medical team.
  3. Spreading awareness, medical and pharmaceutical education, by issuing medical scientific journals containing medical, therapeutic and pharmaceutical information in various fields.
  4. Adopting a continuing education curriculum for pharmacists so that old pharmacists are familiar with modern medical techniques and trends.

The organizational structure of the center:

  1. Prof. Dr. Tahany Hassan El Fahaam - Supervisor
  2. Prof. Hana Muhammad Gaber - Member
  3. Prof. Heba Yousry Abdulhamid - Member

Drug Information Center activities:

  1. Responding to any questions submitted to the center by any of the members of the medical team, and related to treatment, medication, or medical conditions...... Etc., the scientific responses are supported with the help of a library center and database. These questions are recorded and answered in files and also recorded on a registration program to call them when needed or make any necessary statistics in the future.
  2. The periodical Magazine edition: contains modern pharmaceutical medical information and 500 copies printed in color distributed to doctors and pharmacists in hospitals, health centers and pharmacies. The magazine is also distributed to the faculty members and their assistants and it is also mailed to the deans of the faculties of pharmacy all over Egypt. (private-governmental) Moreover, there is an electronic copy uploaded on the following link "Assiut University Drug Information Bulletin" – The Faculty’s quarterly magazine, it has reached the number of 56 editions so far.
  3. Issuing health bulletins in Arabic with the main goal of raising awareness. (38 editions)
  4. Holding training courses to train the Faculty students and graduate pharmacists in various fields of work on methods of researching pharmaceutical information as well as classification and preservation of pharmaceutical information.  Training includes:
  • Theoretical lectures explaining the role of pharmaceutical information centers, the role and skills of pharmaceutical information pharmacist, sources of pharmaceutical information and methods of searching for them.
  • Practical training to clarify the steps of searching for pharmaceutical information and responding to pharmaceutical queries using scientific references, which include books and the Internet.
  1. Training of clinical pharmacy diploma students enrolled in postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Assiut University.
  2. Processing on-demand drug mentions or warnings to hospitals and their medical departments.
  3. There is a protocol of cooperation between the Center and the Regional Pharmaceutical Vigilance Center in Sohag, which the Pharmaceutical Information Center informs with any side effects of drugs and cosmetics, as well as cases of suspected fraud that is reported to the center.

Metadata of the Drug Information Center:

  1. The center has a scientific library that includes a large number of modern scientific books in the field of clinical pharmacy and medicine.
  2. The Center has a database containing all the inquiries received by the Centre since its inception.
  3. The centre also has an electronic library with a large number of books.
  4. The center has a Micromedex medical pharmacy database.
  5. There are computers, projectors, printers and photography at the center.
  6. There are means of communication to the center including telephone, email and fax.

Ways to contact the center:

The center can be contacted either by:

Phone: 088/2080388-088/2411556 – Fax: 088/2080553