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Central Measurement Laboratory

Central Measurement Laboratory

  • The central laboratory was established in 1974 and housed a number of devices that helped researchers carry out practical tests for scientific research.
  • The laboratory included a number of scientific instruments that were used in the service of scientific research.
  • The laboratory was developed through the quality project, which provided the laboratory with a huge number of the latest scientific equipment to serve scientific research at The University of Assiut as well as various universities.
  • The laboratory provides a huge number of services to the researchers and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, such as:
  1.  Introducing students to different scientific devices that are taught to students during the educational stage of the college.
  2. Conducting bioavailability studies and biovalent medicines and formulations.
  3. Make all the accurate measurements using the latest modern scientific instruments.
  4.  Analysis and measurement of the proportion of medicines in all biological fluids in the body.
  5. Providing consultancy, technical aid and conducting various environmental analyses such as water and soil analysis.
  6. Preparing pamphlets for the laboratory to introduce the scientific devices in the laboratory
  7. Providing scientific advice to researchers in the field of drug analysis.
  • The laboratory is the home to a distinguished group of chemists responsible for the work of various analyses.
  • The faculty's undersecretary for community service and environmental development supervises the laboratory’s daily operation.
  • The chemists and laboratory workers were trained to use various scientific devices by the companies supplying the equipment. Also, they are being supplied by the essential expertise through participating in the training courses offered by the University.

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The lab after its last development

  • One of the most important results of the project of continuous development and rehabilitation for accreditation was a central laboratory developed and updated, capable of meeting the needs of researchers in the college and abroad to conduct laboratory measurements and analysis that serve scientific research.
  • Standard device operation manuals (SOP) have been prepared.
  • The names of the researchers, the time of measurement, the number of samples and the date are recorded in the log book of each device and the laboratory's technical measurements are signed.
  • Technicians on modern devices have been trained by hardware suppliers such as HPLC, Spectro densitometer and Atomic absorption.
  • There is a periodic maintenance plan for the devices and a contract with the maintenance suppliers.

The scientific devices used in the service of the scientific research.