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# Title Department Research Year
1 Computational Design of Azine-Linked Hybrids of 2-Indolinone-Thiazolodine Scaffold as Novel and Promising Quorum Sensing Inhibitors Department of Medicinal Chemistry 2023
2 NiFe‑based Prussian blue analogue nanopolygons hybridized with functionalized glyoxal polymer as a voltammetric platform for the determination of amisulpride in biological samples Department of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry 2023
3 Cytotoxic flavone-C-glycosides from the leaves of Dypsis pembana (H.E.Moore) Beentje & J.Dransf., Arecaceae: in vitro and molecular docking studies Department of Pharmacognosy 2023
4 An Innovative Polymer-Based Electrochemical Sensor Encrusted with Tb Nanoparticles for the Detection of Favipiravir: A Potential Antiviral Drug for the Treatment of COVID-19 Department of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry 2023
5 Naturally occurring phenylethanoids and phenylpropanoids: antimalarial potential Department of Pharmacognosy 2023
6 The effect of Essential oils of selected plants on clinical isolates of Candida Species growth, transition and biofilm formation Department of Pharmacognosy 2023
7 A feasible HPTLC method for concurrent quantitation of allopurinol-montelukast co-therapy in plasma and evaluation of their hepatic and renal effects in rats: Analytical, biochemical, and histopathological study Department of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry 2023
8 HPTLC/MS and HPTLC/UV for monitoring of degradation behavior of some β-Lactam antibiotics mixtures under ambient storage conditions Department of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry 2023
9 Nicotinonitrile as an essential scaffold in medicinal chemistry: an updated review (2015– present) Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2023
10 Exploring the efficacy of various wheat bran extracts in promoting burn wound healing: A comparative analysis Department of Pharmacognosy 2023