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Student Research Unit

Student Research Unit

The establishment of the Student Research Unit at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University Council No. 685 held on 27/3/2018 was approved, headed by Prof. Ahmed Abdo Geis

The unit management was formed as follows:

Dean of the Faculty (Chairman)

Vice Dean for Student Affairs (General Supervisor)

Dr. Abu Bakr Mustafa Abdel Aal (Unit Coordinator)

The decision to work with the unit

Unit vision:

The unit aims to encourage and prepare the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy to conduct scientific research of high quality to serve the student’s educational and research process, which contributes to enriching their experience as pharmacists who rely on evidence-based evidence during their practical practices after their graduation.

Unit tasks:

Supervising student researches by providing services to students such as the methods of collecting data, entry and analysis, writing the research report and the writing publication.

Students are interviewed as a research team made up of a certain number of students (3-5) where services are provided through the Student Research Unit.

Organizing the participation of students in conferences.

Providing the necessary assistance to students to facilitate the publication of research.

Organizing and supervising courses and workshops for student research.

Preparing student research topics in coordination with the departments and following them up.

Hosting students from foreign universities through the student exchange program for the purpose of training on scientific research mechanisms

Unit Objectives:

The unit seeks to develop communication mechanisms with the authorities related to scientific research at the faculty or university level.

It is possible to coordinate and implement a number of courses, workshops, for interested students to strengthen their research skills so that the unit aims to provide specialized courses in the form of short courses (one or two days) for a limited number of students (15-20) students, in coordination with the available computer laboratories The faculty and the reservation of halls according to the quality and effectiveness of the course offered.

It is possible to coordinate or use the trainers from outside the unit/ faculty if necessary.

It is possible to coordinate with the sixth year coordinators of the students of the Pharm D program to add some training points that are provided to the students of the final project.

Presentation about the unit

The unit's achievements in the period from 2017 to 2022:

The unit organized a summer training for students from the general and clinical program for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, and the number of students ranged from 20 to 30 students, before the spread of the Corona pandemic.

The unit organized three conferences for students participating in scientific research for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019, with a number of 500-700 students, under the name of Student research symposium (SRS). These conferences were attended by a group of pharmacists, industrialists, clinical pharmacists in Orman and elite faculty members.

The unit organized a training program for a group of international students from foreign universities through the student exchange program, and a statement is attached with the names of the students, the country of delegation, the period and date of the visit.



Two student research papers have been published in international journals with high impact factors:


Student Conference for Scientific Research

Student exchange program

Research in progress

Other activities:

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