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Introduction, Vision, Mission & Goals

Introduction, Vision, Mission & Goals


The community service and environmental development sector at Assiut University is one of the promising sectors that enables the university to be a platform for science, a source of radiation, and the surrounding community.
Therefore, this required that this sector to be an active sector in order to achieving the university’s goal of strengthen the relationship between it and the community parties.
The Faculty of Pharmacy seeks to achieve this lofty goal, supported by the nature of study and work in the faculty, which makes it always closely related and interacting with the environment and the surrounding community.


Activating the faculty’s role in cooperating with society and participating in providing services and scientific advice in the field of medicine industry, as well as participating in health care with the medical team.


Since the faculty of pharmacy is the direct health radiation center in the community and it represents the main center for spreading medical awareness at the public level, our mission is:

  • Encouraging positive interaction between the faculty students and the surrounding environment by holding educational seminars with specialists to develop their various skills.
  • The sector also aims to help students of the final teams choose the appropriate field of pharmaceutical work by holding seminars with specialists in the field of pharmaceutical industries and scientific laboratory research.
  • In addition to following up graduates to update them with what is emerging in the field of pharmaceutical sciences through holding seminars and workshops and focusing on continuous pharmacy education and also to strengthen the concepts of continuous health cooperation between the faculty graduates and society to activate their service role in the health care system at the national level. In addition to providing scientific and advisory expertise in the field of pharmaceutical industries.

Strategic goals

  1. Providing health services to the community by developing the interaction of the faculty and the graduates with the beneficiaries to raise community health awareness.
  2. Participating in community medical convoys with the aim of identifying areas and target groups in which the faculty can increase interaction and improve the level of health care.
  3. Preparing surveys of the beneficiaries of the pharmaceutical services to determine the extent to which the society's requirements are met.
  4. Analyzing results, evaluating activities, and providing solutions that lead to upgrading the services provided to reach the highest benefit and the lowest cost.

Continuous pharmacy education program

Since the Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University, believes in the importance of lifelong learning in the field of pharmacy, this site was launched to be a window for dialogue between the community service sector and environmental development, represented by the Continuous Pharmacy Education Committee and among the community of parties interested in learning and acquiring modern experiences and skills in the profession.

Organizational structure of the Continuing Pharmacy Education Committee

Prof. Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development   (Chairperson)
A number of distinguished faculty members from the scientific departments (members)
A number of the assistants of the faculty (members)
Some of the community parties (members)