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Medical Services Center

Medical Services Center

About The Center

Head of the Center/Institute:

Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Sheeha (Dean of the Faculty)

The Director of the Center Prof. Dr. Mohammed Fathi Mohammed Ibrahim


 0882411580, 0882345622



The number and date of the decision created for it:

The center was established in accordance with the decision of the President of the Supreme Council of Universities No. 25 (issued on 27/4/2002) which approves the establishment of the Center of Pharmacy Services at the Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Assiut and considers it a unit of a special nature.


Providing bio-availability studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Assiut.


Conducting pharmaceutical research and biometrics of new pharmaceuticals and holding workshops and training in the fields of pharmaceutics and biomes.


The center aims to create a reciprocal relationship between the Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Assiut with its specialized scientific cadres with a distinct degree of informed experience extended in the fields of research, development and pharmaceutical evaluation.

Furthermore, the sites of pharmaceutical industry with its diverse problems and scientific challenges which require prompt solving by the hands of scientific expertise to promote that strategic industry and create opportunities for self-financing for the Faculty through the exchange that can be obtained from this activity.

The Center’s activities

To achieve the required objectives, article 2 of the financial and administrative regulations of the Center has specified the procedural objectives that the Center seeks to achieve through its various activities.

  • Conducting bioavailability studies and bioequivalence of pharmaceutics.
  • Doing consultancy and pharmaceutical services.
  • Conducting studies and precautions to register medications.
  • Conducting the necessary studies to solve the regulatory problems of pharmaceuticals.
  • Conducting studies of metabolism and the mobility of drugs and their impact on the use of other drugs.
  • Assessing the environmental impacts and auditing of pharmaceutical projects and other industries.
  • Organizing courses and preparing bulletins for the education of continuous pharmacy and hospitals pharmacy.

Organizational and Administrative structure

Organizational structure

  • The Center for Pharmaceutical Services at the Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Assiut is a unit of a special nature with its technical, financial and administrative independence according to article 207- second paragraph of the Executive Regulations of the Universities regulations Law No.  49   of the year 1972.
  • It dominates all the affairs of the center and the management of its technical, financial and administrative affairs, which achieves its goals within the framework of the laws enforced the "Board of Directors", which consists of Dean of the Faculty and President, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Fathi Mohammed Ibrahim as Director of the Center, and the heads of the scientific departments of the Faculty as members and a number of pharmacists perform measurements.
  • The director of the center oversees the technical, administrative and financial functioning of the center and the management of its affairs and the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors in order to achieve efficient performance.
  • The center in its current composition represents one unit and does not include divisions or sections, but after the activation of the center, the center is to be divided into specialized units, each unit is to work to achieve a specific goal of the center's pursuit.

Composition of the Board of Directors:

Prof. Dr. Dean of the Faculty (President)

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fathi Mohamed Ibrahim (Director of the Centre)

Prof. Dr. Chairman of the Council of The Department of Pharmaceuticals (member)

Prof. Dr. Chairman of the Board of The Department of Drugs(member)

Prof. Dr. Chairman of the Council of The Department of Medical Chemistry (member)

Prof. Dr. Chairman of the Council of The Department of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry (member)

Prof. Dr. Chairman of the Council of The Department of Industrial Pharmacy (member)

Prof. Dr. Chairman of the Board of The Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy (member)

Prof. Dr. Joseph Joachim - A member from outside the University who has the experience and potentials that serve the purposes of the Centre.

Scientific potentials and capabilities

The center's scientific capabilities and technology:

The most important aspects of scientific expertise and technology:

  • Manpower, specialties and degrees.
  • The Faculty has a league of diverse scientific expertise in all fields of pharmaceutical sciences, where there are approximately 100 faculty members with different grades whom the Faculty can benefit from to achieve any of the center's activities in addition to assigning a number of well-trained pharmacists and giving them the executive expertise to carry out studies and pharmaceutical measurements at the center.

The scientific and laboratory capabilities of the center:

  • The center includes in its current status a laboratory with an area of about 100 square meters; air-conditioned and equipped with suitable desks which can be used to make many necessary preparations for conducting all of the studies and pharmaceutical measurements that ensures achieving the objectives of the center. Also, it includes an air-conditioned room equipped with beds for the comfort of volunteers to conduct studies of availability and biovalent medicines as well as a warehouse equipped with shelves to store the center's supplies.
  • The center after being qualified with the necessary equipment according to the plan, it will be capable of carrying out all studies, research and measurements of pharmaceutics.

Future plan and outputs

plan outputs

  • Rehabilitation and equipping the center with the necessary capabilities to give the center the ability to achieve its goals.
  •  The center is accredited by the concerned authorities of the Ministry of Health to become a reference center for measurements and pharmaceutical studies necessary to register, market and export medicines.
  • Promoting pharmaceutical companies at the national, Arab and international levels to contract with the center to implement research, development and evaluation projects of pharmaceutical products.


The center's role is to make accurate measurements on devices for researchers from inside and outside the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Center Services

Services performed by the center for other parties:

  • Targeting Production, Marketing and Pharmaceutical exporting companies inside and outside of the country through writing contracts to execute projects that perform the essential studies to produce, develop, and evaluate the pharmaceutical products. Moreover, award accredited certificates that should benefit the efficiency of the pharmaceutical products and its shelf life for registering and marketing in the prevalent climatic conditions as well as increase its ability to participate in the importing competition.
  • Other services carried out by the center for the industrial or agricultural sector and the service sector:
  • The industrial sector in the field of pharmaceutical production is the main beneficiary of the planned activity of the center.

The services performed by the center to the researchers and students:

  • Introducing students to different scientific devices that are available to students during the educational stage of the Faculty.
  •  Conducting bioavailability studies and biovalent medicines and formulations.
  • Make all the accurate measurements using the latest modern scientific instruments.
  • Analysis and measurement of the proportion of medicines in all biological fluids in the body.
  •  Providing consultancy, technical aid and conducting various environmental analyses such as water and soil analysis.
  •  Preparing the brochures of the laboratory to introduce the scientific devices in the laboratory.
  • Providing scientific advice to researchers in the field of drug analysis.

Scientific instruments and research procedures

The Research parties cooperating with the center.

  • Scientific departments at the Faculty of Pharmacy, The Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital.

Scientific devices located at the center:

The center has been developed and strengthened by many modern scientific devices through the continuous development and qualification project for accreditation. CIQAB

Keep track of the devices in the