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Use of herbal pharmaceutical products in Al-Taif area, Saudi Arabia: prevalence and indication.

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Ahmed M. A. Abd El-Mawla, Ahmed A. Albarrag, Mustafa A. Abdallah.
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Spatula DD
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Published online in ScopeMed (
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Aim: Herbal products are complex mixtures of organic chemicals that may come from any raw or processed part of a plant, including
leaves, stems, flowers, roots, and seeds. Medicinal plants and herbal medicines account for a significant percentage of the pharmaceutical
market. The present study aimed to assess the prevalence of herbal products and their indications in Al-Taif area, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Methods: A cross-sectional survey about the use of herbal medicines was conducted. Four hundred eighty respondents through private and
hospital pharmacies filled the questionnaire. Questions about trade names, dosage forms, active ingredients and indications of the herbal
pharmaceutical products were considered.
Results: The present study revealed that natural product drugs had a noticeable share in the pharmaceutical market in Al-Taif area. Natural
cough products represent the highest percent used by Al-Taif area populations.
Conlusion: Herbal medicine represents an important part in pharmacies. Many patients prefer to use herbal medicine because of its safety
and fewer side effects.