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Prevalence and indication of herbal medicine in digestive system disorders in Al-Taif area, Saudi Arabia.

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Ahmed M. A. Abd El-Mawla, Mostafa S. M. Magd, Alsayed A. Mahran.
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Spatula DD
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Aim: As a part of our continuing interest concerning the prevalence use of herbal medicine to treat common diseases in Al-Taif area, the
present study aimed to assess the prevalence and indication of herbal medicine in digestive system complaints in Al-Taif area, Saudi
Methods: An anonymized self-administration questionnaire of 10 close-ended questions was filled in by 600 patients; only 300 of 600
patients (50%) completed the questionnaire. The sample was selected randomly considering the region of residency of respondents.
Result: The present study revealed that 82.6% of the respondents used herbs for their digestive system problems. The following herbs:
Anise, chamomile, pomegranate, peppermint, and ginger have been used commonly for digestive system complaints from the other. No
side effects were recorded.
Conclusion: The study concluded that a high proportion of the Al-Taif area population had been suffering from digestive system
disorders. The majority of patients noticed improvement after the use of herbs to overcome the problems of the digestive system.
Keywords: Herbal medicine, digestive system problems, questionnaire, Al-Taif population.