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Prevalence and treatment of Alopecia areata in Taif area, KSA.

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Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Abd El‑Mawla, Ibrahim A. Maghrabi.
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Saudi Journal for Health Sciences
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Medknow Publications
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Background: Alopecia areata (AA) is one type of hair loss that typically causes patches of
baldness. In some cases, total baldness develops. There are no adequate studies concerning AA
on the Taif area residents, KSA. Aim: The present study conducted for the first time prevalence,
causes and treatment of AA in Al‑Taif area, KSA. Materials and Methods: A questionnaire
employed to determine the prevalence of AA in patients attending dermatology clinics in Al‑Taif
area. The doctors questioned about the number of patients attend dermatology clinics and
suffering from AA. Doctors also were asked about types, causes of AA and the treatment/
responsiveness. The data collected and analysed statistically. Results: The obtained results
showed a noticeable prevalence of AA in Al‑Taif area; 6.750% in males and 6.375% in
females. Localized AA was the most common (88.75%) as well as the most responsive to
the treatment. The emergence of disease was mostly related to the immune system (85%).
The Doctors preferred topical corticosteroids or minoxidil plus systemic vitamins and minerals
treatment more than others due to its effectiveness (90%, 40% responsiveness in localized
and diffused respectively). Conclusion: We concluded that, the incidence of AA disease in
Al‑Taif area, exceeded expectations and the autoimmune condition is the most predominance
reason for its occurrence. The most effective treatment was topical corticosteroids plus
systemic vitamins and minerals. Recommendations: We recommend a vitamin‑rich diet
as well as an increased emphasis on the use of topical rubefacient herbs in addition to the
above mentioned treatments of AA.