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Welcome Alumni

Alumni welcome

Our objectives

We aim to introduce highly qualified graduates in the health care sector by:

  1. Holding scientific conferences and seminars and training programs in the field of primary health care
  2. Planning for future training programs in various fields of scientific, cultural, environmental and social nursing
  3. Maintaining continuous cooperation with the various medical institutions all over Egypt which helps in figuring out new nursing insights.
  4. Organizing seminars and conferences to link health services in the labor market with academic fields.
  5. Support in providing appropriate health care for faculty’s graduates and their families, as well as  providing social and entertaining services, such as performing Hajj, Umrah and domestic trips.

Our activities

Taking care of all of the faculty’s graduates in all cultural prospective by:

  1. Holding cultural and literary seminars (active)
  2. Holding courses to study different languages ​​and computers (active)
  3. Publication of a cultural social magazine (in progress)
  4. Organizing cultural and literary competitions
  5. Spreading health awareness and environmental culture to reduce health and environmental problems
  6. Participation in social and environmental development.

Alumni aims to take care of AUN’s graduates and their families in all social and health aspects by:

  1. Providing appropriate health care for the members of their families (being updated)
  2. Honoring the outstanding participants in the activities of (scientific - literary - cultural - sports ..... etc.)
  3. Honoring the ideal mother during the mother's day (active)
  4. Organizing Hajj and Umrah for women (active)
  5. Organizing recreational trips (active)
  6. Agreement with competent companies to provide durable goods and other products at reasonable prices or in installments. (Effective activity)

Raising the scientific level and exchanging experiences in the field of nursing by:

  1. Holding conferences, scientific seminars, and workshops (active)
  2. Participation in international conferences
  3. Publishing scientific journal
  4. Holding specialized seminars to provide members with all that is new in the various fields of nursing and medical sciences (active)
  5. Encouraging scientific research in the field of nursing, publishing members’ research on the association's website 
  6. Organizing scientific competitions
  7. Exchanging visits and experiences with international universities and specialized agencies
  1. Demonstrating the role of graduates in society and setting policies that organize their work and respect their rights to achieve goals. (active activity)
  2. Highlighting the importance of job descriptions for female graduates in cooperation with the competent authorities
  3. Explain how members ’rights are protected by means of a practice law
  4. Receiving member complaints and trying to solve them (active)
  5. Helping members in facing the problems at work and bringing the different medical groups together to coordinate the work between them
  • Make an explanatory note with (the type of activity - how it will be implemented - who will implement it - where it will be implemented - date of implementation - the cost of the activity)
  • Present it to the chairman of the committee concerned with the activity and to the administrative director and obtain written approval
  • Written approval is obtained from the Chairman of the Board of Directors on the activity (preliminary approval is obtained from all members of the Board of Directors during the presentation of the plan)
  • Implementation begins according to the details mentioned, taking into account the completion of the activity follow-up form (attached to a form) in which it clarifies the progress of implementation and is sent to the association's email periodically, its duration is determined according to the type of activity and its duration (every week - two weeks - a month) to the administrative director and the general secretary of the association (The Secretary)
  • Make an evaluation form for an activity that is distributed to the participants to evaluate what was done
  • Maintain a list of the names of the participants stating the contact information (place of work, phone number, and email)
  • Writing a detailed note at the end of the activity with everything that was done (duration - beneficiary number - income and expenses - participants in carrying out the activity ... etc.) with a focus on
  • Clarify the negative or obstacles that occurred during implementation to avoid them in the following times
  • Attach the result of the evaluation of the participants of the association's members to the activity
  • Determining the active members of the audience and nominating the suitable person to join the committee.
  • Scientific conferences and seminars and workshops - Participation in international conferences - Publication of a scientific journal.