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Scientific pioneership and Student Support Unit

Scientific pioneership and Student Support Unit

Our vision

The Academic Leadership and Student Support Unit works to develop counseling services to meet the needs of students and make these services available for them to benefit from in developing their personalities in various fields, in addition to the constant endeavor to raise the level of providing these services in line with international standards in providing counseling services in higher education institutions

Our Mision

Academic leadership and student support is concerned with providing advice, scientific assistance, and social and behavioral guidance to all students of the college to develop their personality and professional interests. It searches for their capabilities and works to develop and develop them, encourage them to excel, excel and innovate, and help them deal with the various difficulties that may hinder their scientific progress by increasing their awareness. Ways to overcome academic and personal problems, and work to raise their scientific and intellectual potential that will achieve success for them in their academic and social journey.

Objectives of the Academic Entrepreneurship and Student Support Unit:

  1. Follow up the students academically, guide them, observe them, and submit reports and recommendations to the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
  2. Providing students with suggestions and advice to improve their academic achievement, and help them overcome their academic and administrative problems
  3. Attention to cases of academic delay, and work to study the causes of that delay, provide a helping hand and suggest appropriate solutions
  4. Helping students to discover their abilities and preferences, define their goals, and develop their potential in the interest of society
  5. Preparing new students to learn about university life and the system of study in it through mentoring and orientation programs
  6. Spread awareness of the college and university regulations among students
  7. Overcoming obstacles that hinder students' academic achievement
  8. Working on and consolidating the relationship between students and faculty members and building social relationships for the student with his colleagues
  9. Urging students to adhere to good morals, civilized behavior, and the display of good qualities