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Dean Of Faculty of Nursing

Dean of the Faculty Of Nursing 

It is my honor to be the dean of the faculty of Nursing at Assiut University. This faculty has an important role in leading healthcare on the regional and national levels. Nursing has an essential goal in serving humans, relieving pain, and reducing diseases. We achieve our goal through providing our students with a critique of education and information that will enable them to improve people’s health. There are rules that must be followed by all nurses and students studying Nursing. Some of these rules include not disclosing any information related to patients and not to disclose any information related to the team. In addition, there must be a mutual trust between the patients and Health team. Lastly, all our faculty members strive to educate, help, and guide the students in gaining advanced scientific knowledge and skills in different nursing specialties.

I wish you all a successful path.

Prof./ Samah Mohamed Abdelalla Ali
Dean of the Faculty.