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Other Units

Other Units

Audio-visual equipment unit

It contains the latest audio and video devices, and is designed to train female students in practice, and support implementing of the Faculty’s protocol. It is equipped with high quality air conditioners and other facilities which help in the flow of the educational process.

  • The unit has displays, TVs and cassettes.
  • It has a lot of scientific videos for training.
  • Computers and video devices for viewing.
  • Many of the top head projectors and cameras.
  • Data Show devices.
  • About 600 colored slides, catalys, guides and scouts.
  • Microfish devices, and many other modern devices contained in the unit.


The Faculty has different laboratories to train female students for each team with its own laboratory with industrial models and structures, and various scientific devices such as pressure devices, diabetes devices, etc.

Computer modules:

Two computer units are equipped with the best and latest computers:

1. Computer lab:

  • It has 17 computers with 12 internet points.
  • The lab trains the Faculty students in computer material.
  • Inform the faculty members about the news through the internet points in the lab.

2. IT Club:

In agreement with the Ministry of Communications and Information and The University of Assiut, IT clubs have been established, including the Information Technology Club of the Faculty of Nursing, as the world will turn very quickly towards the information age and countries are racing to prepare and join the global information society.

The club contains:

  • The number of (15) computers with the latest technological specifications all are equipped with internet points.
  • Data Show projector and display

Club activities:

  • The club provides internet usage and how to deal with it.
  • Self-training for young people and children at the club.
  • Printing papers and scientific research.

Quality assurance unit:

The goal of establishing a quality assurance center is to strengthen the university performance evaluation unit at Assiut University, which was established in 1997, and turn it into a center for quality assurance and accreditation and strengthen its branches in the faculties and link the center to units through an electronic network to quickly complete and follow up quality assurance activities at the university.

Education Development Unit:

The aim of the education development unit is to carry out many training programs and workshops for the development of the educational process to raise the scientific level of the academic staff and their assistants and the impact on the students in the faculty.

Data on units of a special nature


Unit name

Establishment date

Its objectives

The most important work provided by the Unit


Union Fund


To spend on student activities

To spend on student cultural activities (student conferences, wall magazines, student union periodicals), social, artistic (art competitions and concerts), sports (sports competitions) and mobile activity


Solidarity Fund


To pay in kind and material subsidies to some students after doing social research

Providing material and in-kind support to female students from low-income families to pay the Faculty expenses, purchase diary and university books, as well as purchase the Faculty uniform.