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Education and Students Affairs Sector

Education and students affairs sector


Academic guidance is interested in providing the advice, scientific assistance, and social and behavioral guidance for all college students to develop their personalities and professional interests, looking in their abilities and works on it`s development, encouragement all college students to excellence, creativity, helping them to deal with various difficulties that may hinder their scientific progress by increasing their awareness of ways to overcome the academic and personal problems, and work to raise their scientific and intellectual potential that make them successful in their academic and social career.


The Academic guidance unit works on the development of guidance services to meet the needs of students and to make these services available to them for use in the development of their personalities and their skills in various fields, in addition to the constant quest to raise the level of providing these services in accordance with international standards in the provision of guidance services in higher education institutions.

Alumni Affairs Members

  • Mr/ Ahmed Haider Abdul
  • Ms/ Riham Ahmed Ahmed
  • Mr/ Hamdi Kamal Ahmed
  • Mrs/ Mariam Abdul-Hafiz Atia
  • Mrs/ Seham Abdul-Hakim
  • Mr/ Medhat Saied Farghaly
  • Ms/ Riham Ahmed Ahmed

Tasks of the alumni affairs sector: 

  • Studying the labor market inside and outside our country to know the required specialties. 
  • Conducting a study to measure the career guidance of female graduates.
  • Organizing training programs to prepare graduates for the labor market.
  • Organizing an annual forum between public or private sector health service institutions for graduates to facilitate access to institutional information and to identify the best job opportunities.
  • Providing a guide for graduates to know their rights and duties during the training year.
  • Working on creating a bond with graduates via make an annual meeting for them at the faculty.
  • Carrying out administrative work and extracting documents and correspondences of graduates.
  • Issuing and editing certificates (graduation, sub-interns, grades) in Arabic and English.
  • Taking procedures to obtain original certificates (lost, damaged)
  • Providing payment permits for graduates.
  • Editing graduates’ patents - decision to grant scientific degrees.
  • Making databases for female graduates.
  • Editing a record of graduates who withdraw certificates of all kinds during the year.
  • Addressing the Department of Physicians Affairs with the lists of graduates for the June and September round, with the original birth certificates sent to them.
  • Addressing the Central Administration of Nursing at the Ministry of Health and Population in Cairo with the names of the graduates of each role separately.
  • Following-up to the needs and requirements of female graduates in various health service delivery sites inside and outside the country.
  • Preparing confidential reports for sub-interns.
  • Preparing requests of transfer and postponement for sub-interns.
  • Preparing confidential reports for sub-interns.
  • Responding to inquiries received from graduate affairs.
  • Preparing lists for original certificates and certificates of sub-interns for graduates.

Sub-intern affairs in internship year

  • Sending letters to graduates who will start the internship year to inform them of the date of commencement of training and the papers required of them to start the internship year.
  • Approving transfers for students who wish to spend the internship year outside Assiut.
  • Creating a file of documents for each student the internship year. 
  • Approving the postponements required by sub-interns.
  • Following-up on vacations, warnings, and sanctions imposed on them.
  • Preparing confidential monthly reports for each sub-intern.
  • Following-up the distribution of students to the departments of the university hospital.
  • Preparing a sessions statement of the months that the graduate spent in addition to the department in which the month was spent.
  • Obtaining certificates of internship for graduates.
  • Distributing job descriptions to students of excellence.
  • Introducing students of excellence to the public service.
  • Monitoring the sub-interns transferred outside of Assiut every month.