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Student Funding support

Student Funding support

The Social Fund provided by the University and the government aims to:

  1. Achieve social security for students in various social welfare or insurance or loans.
  2. Contribute to providing the students with all the services they need.
  3. Work on helping the students who have financial problems that prevent them from continuing their education.
  • The Faculty of Nursing opens the social fund payments twice in the first academic year. First at the beginning of the first semester and the second at the beginning of the second semester.
  • Payment must be made after submitting all the required documents through the administration of Youth Welfare at the faculty.

Payment of any kind of aid to the student request the following:

  • The student must be Egyptian. .
  • The average per capita income of the family of the student must not exceed the limit determined by the Board of the Fund.
  • No student funding offered to Nursing post graduates studies.

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