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Technology services unit

Technology services unit

Word of Technology services unit manager

Information technology is one of the basic elements that support universities in carrying out their main tasks, which are: scientific research, education and learning, community service and environmental development.

Information technology is not something isolated or owned by one entity, but rather a set of tools that facilitate the achievement of tasks and goals at the university and college levels to serve all the pillars of the educational process, so it is interested in supporting e-learning, training and teaching activities using modern technologies


The unit promotes technological services unit in the faculty to a distinguished level in order to be a pioneer in this field at the university level.


We work on activating the role of technological services by creating an effective learning environment that seeks to support the educational process through its basic pillars, "students - , faculty members - the assisting staff and employees."

Unit objectives

  1. Activating the role of technological services at the college level to serve all the pillars of the educational process.
  2. A change towards the beneficiaries of the service to the importance of automating information and how to benefit from it.
  3. Converting all administrative systems in the college to an information automation system (MIS).
  4. Raising the awareness of the faculty members, the assisting body and the college’s staff of the importance of activating electronic pages and their importance in raising the university’s classification on the global level.
  5. Raising the rate of publishing electronic courses in the college, as well as activating the use of knowledge bank services.

Unit Structure



Job title


Dr. Saieda Abdel-Hamid Abdel Aziz

Unit’s Manager


Assistant lecture/ Aya Mustafa Mohamed Abdel-Hafez

Vice Manager


Nourhan Sayed Hassan

Network Engineer and E-mail


Safaa Abdul Azim Muhammad

E-learning, digital library official, and scientific research sites


Heba Muhammad Omar

 Portal Editor

Administrator of management information systems

Unit Activities

  1. Raising the efficiency and improving the internal information network in the college.
  2. Raising the efficiency of the infrastructure and updating it in the college
  3. Legalizing the use of operating systems and software and protecting devices against viruses.
  4. Work to develop the educational process by strengthening interaction between students and faculty members.
  5. Using university e-mail in all administrative transactions and communicating with students.
  6. Use the college’s official website to communicate with all concerned parties.
  7. The use of electronic transactions instead of paper transactions.
  8. Increasing the efficiency of using the knowledge bank and benefiting from its multiple services for researchers and students.
  9. Update the activities and data of faculty members by uploading their CVs on the college website.
  10. Highlighting the college’s role in raising the efficiency of scientific research through communication sites

About the Unit

Our believe is to keep pace with technological development in the field of developing the educational process, and in cooperation with the University's Information Technology Center, IT Unit was established on 1/1/2015 in the first floor of the faculty’s laboratory building to become the electronic link between all concerned parties from students And faculty members, staff in order to raise the level of technological progress through five projects that provide distinguished services in this field (Web - Management Information Systems - Digital Library - E-Learning - Online Portal).


Contact Us

Phone: 4972

Email:  -

Unit Services:

The Faculty of Nursing, Assiut University offers (4) electronic courses for undergraduate students, as follows: -


Responsible department



Year 1

Adult nursing

Introduction to adult Nursing


Year 2

Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing

Introduction to the educational process


Year 3

Nursing Administration

Nursing Administration


Year 4

Community Health Nursing



Faculty of Nursing, Assiut University, holds periodic workshops for students of previous teams on how to activate electronic courses in coordination with the University's E-Courses Production Center.

  • Follow up the technical use of the network and provide technical support to all users
  • Adding new wired and wireless internet points in light of the available capabilities and in coordination with the main project at Assiut University
  • Connect devices on the Internet and add their (Mac adress) to the network
  • Establishing a maintenance schedule for all existing problems for all employees
  • Establishing a program for the periodic maintenance of the software for all computers
  • Regular update of the Faculty’s website contents.
  • Publish Faculty’s news in Arabic and English on the Faculty’s website
  • Publish specialized brochures on the website.
  • Transferring the suggestions and complaints system to the Faculty’s website level with its own databases
  • Update the data of faculty members and their assistants on their personal pages on the Faculty’s website.


  • Holding introductory training workshops for the academic staff and their assistants on the effective use of the digital library in cooperation with the digital library project in the University.
  • Registering the academic staff in addition to the collaborative authorities and the postgraduate students on the digital library and keeping updated with its details.
  • Ensure the availability of the scientific thesis and research of the Faculty online through the following link;​

Preparing a strategic training plan targeting 100% of the Faculty employees in coordination with the project of technological training in the University. 

  • Extracting salaries and incentives of the Faculty's employees (public/private cadre) from the benefits system (el farouk) imported from el mansoura.
  • Activating curriculum quality assurance system (El Farabi)
  • On the database, establishing and preparing exam control room for the different academic years. (MIS)
  • Updating the personal info of the postgraduate students on MIS database.
  • Providing a great number of services through the academic email address of the academic staff, their assistants and students.