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Faculty Of Nursing Library


Faculty of Nursing Library

Library’s mission:

The library is concerned with the collection, organization, and transmission of sources of information in the fields of science and nursing; in addition to facilitating the access of students and researchers to these sources with the least time and effort. In order to achieve this, the library organizes and provides the required means of information as well as the various equipment and materials necessary for the production of audio-visual media. Also, it creates a supportive and quiet atmosphere, which helps people study and search. The library serves students and researchers to achieve the educational mission of the faculty of Nursing at AUN.

Library’s Vision:

We develop, organize, provide access to and preserve materials to meet the needs of present and future generations of students and scholars in order to achieve the goals of the faculty of Nursing at AUN. We contribute in graduating and developing a new generation of scientists, experts, and specialists in the field of nursing through exploring and implementing innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources conveniently to users. In addition to, providing a well-equipped and functional area for students to enhance the students’ reading and searching skills through selecting a range of journals of Science and Nursing with its different specializations.

Strategic objectives:

  1. To gather the maximum amount of sources specialized in the field of nursing such as  periodicals, books, microfilms, audio-visual materials or data files, and laser discs to maximize the knowledge and minimize the time spent
  2. To focus on providing an outstanding and efficient experience for all students who access its resources, whether physically or online.
  3. To contact internal and external information networks to link students and researchers with the most outdated specialized information and enable them to access that information anywhere/ anytime
  4. To provide the widest range of information services to students and researchers in the field of nursing and other related sciences such as reading, borrowing, bibliographic services and reference services , and transmission direct communication services with external databases.

Number and fields of Books:

  • The library contains 9092 International scientific books in various fields of nursing
  • More than 2468 Arabic books in the field of nursing, as well as cultural, religious, social, and historical books.
  • The library  has 176 scientific periodicals
  • The library also contains 405 master's theses and 192 doctoral theses.

Find the below PDF, for all other details related to the Faculty’s library  Library