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Doctoral and Master's applications

Doctoral and masters

Doctoral and Master's applications


A Diploma candidate must first obtain a Bachelor Degree in Nursing from an Egyptian university or an equivalent degree from another academic institution recognized by the university.

  • The applicant must work for at least 2 years before taking the diploma and must provide the Faculty’s council with a letter of recommendation from their employers
  • The Studies and research are carried out for a period of at least two years.
  • After registration for the Degree, the candidate must have the time needed in Egypt (1 year at least) to study for the diploma.
  • A birth certificate or an official copy of it.
  • A copy of the National ID Card.
  • Six personal (4*6) photos.
  • Approval of the students’ workplace that he/she can enroll for postgraduate studies.
  • If the student is a civil servant, he/she has to have approval of his/her workplace that he/she can give all his/her time to studies if necessary (or according to the faculty by laws)
  • The Military Status Certificate (postponed / temporarily exempted / finally exempted)

The Armed Forces approval in the case of conscripted students.

     The candidate must have got a Master’s Degree in nursing with an overall grade “Good” At least.

  • The candidate must submit innovative published research which he/she submitted for Master's Degree in Nursing
  • The candidate must show the general trend of his/her research and must reveal the value and impact of his/her research on the Health institution
  • Lastly, the faculty’s Council must discuss the overall validity of scientific research provided by the candidate before submitting the file to the committee of current or former professors in the Egyptian universities/professors from other universities and scientific institutes recognized by the university.
  • A birth certificate or an official copy of it.